1. 2

    Processing Time for SAT Scores?

    I took the August 24 SAT administration and the score send says "Fulfilled" as of 9/11/2019. However, when I logged into my USNA portal to check receipt on their end, it says "Not received." I'm sure that they will get to my scores eventually, but does anyone know how long it takes for USNA to...
  2. Fotouman

    Average SAT Scores

    The average SAT/ACT scores for West Point are fairly competitive, but they are not as high as other colleges with acceptance rates in the teens or single digits. For context... Dartmouth: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1480, ACT is 32 Duke: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1485...
  3. jroberts2028

    PSAT or SAT?

    Hey guys, I've got a pretty good question, but it has a bit of a backstory. I am a junior in high school who is applying to USAFA and I took the PSAT at the beginning of this year and got a 1220, 640 on math and 580 on english. I am going on a trip the day I will be taking the SAT on the 27th...
  4. P

    Standardized Test Score Question

    So I am currently a community college student studying engineering, and am doing well with my courses, extracurricular activities, and leadership experiences. However, my SAT and ACT scores are not good (24 composite ACT, 1180 SAT). Obviously, I need to retake these tests and score as high as I...
  5. FlyingWings

    Should I take the SAT?

    My school doesn't make us take the SAT, only the ACT in the spring of our Junior year. Should I take the SAT or just focus on scoring well on the ACT? Thanks.
  6. skiergirl24

    Can strong academics and athletic leadership positions make up for a weaker CFA?

    My CFA scores are currently below average in a few categories, but they are still passing according to my counselor. I am wondering if strong academic scores (like a 1470 SAT, 3.8 GPA, 4.7 GPA weighted in all AP/IB classes), might be able to make up for weaker CFA scores in the overall WCS for...
  7. S

    SAT Super-score Question

    Hello everyone, I recently received my scores for the SAT. My math score and essay score are satisfactory; however, my reading/writing score was a bit low for my liking. I am planning to retake the SAT to get a higher reading/writing score and super-score for a even higher number. When I retake...
  8. J

    ACT or SAT

    Hi, I was wondering if the Air Force Academy either accepts the highest scores of either SAT or ACT. I got a low score on the ACT, but a high score on SAT which met the minimums. Will they take my SAT over the ACT?
  9. sophieee

    USNA Admissions

    Hi, I’m new here:) I’m applying for USNA for class of 2023. My ACT score just came out and I wasn’t sure if I should send my ACT or SAT score. ACT SUPERSCORED: English:34 Math:30 Reading:30 Science:33 SAT: Reading: 680 Math: 740 I know that this isn’t the best score and I could take another...
  10. A

    How to report Sat Writing Score on ROTC Application?

    Hello, I am currently competing for the Army ROTC National Scholarship. I have to enter my SAT writing score, but am not sure what to report as there is no single writing score for the new SAT. There is an essay score composed of three sections, reading, writing, and analysis. These are each...
  11. J

    SAT Cartridge Tape?

    On my application to USMA, two of my scores were added on the same date but were taken on different days and are different scores. One of the scores says "Cartridge Tape" instead of Official. Does this mean my score is not valid?
  12. K

    USNA Summer Seminar SAT/ACT

    Hello! I have recently applied for NASS, but I haven't taken the SAT or ACT. I submitted an application without either score. Do I still have a chance at being accepted into NASS? I have a total GPA of 3.90 unweighted and 3.93 weighted, am active in sports and academics, and participate in many...
  13. G

    SAT/ACT Test Scores and an AFROTC Scholarship/Commission

    Hello, Next year will, I will be beginning college as a freshman straight out of high school. I was unable to apply for an AFROTC scholarship since I couldn't meet the minimum high school GPA requirement ( I go to a very challenging prep school). My ACT scores were also too low and I don't see...
  14. M

    SAT Scores

    Would a 1490 new SAT score cut it for USNA from Fairfax Va/Northern Virginia? Do the service academies look at subject test scores?
  15. chrisrcollege


    Hey guys, So I have taken the SAT once and the ACT 3 times. I got a 26 all 3 times (I know just my luck) even after taking a prep course and trying different methods for studying and taking practice exams. My super score is a 28, and here are the individual scores for anyone wondering English -...
  16. 1

    SAT composite and ACT essay

    I did much better on my SAT composite than my ACT composite but struggled on the SAT essay. I was wondering if the academy would look at my SAT composite score but my ACT essay instead of the SAT essay?
  17. S

    SAT Superscored?

    I'm going to be applying for Army and Navy ROTC. I've tried many different resources but haven't seemed to find a definitive answer for if they superscore the SAT or take your best sitting. I understand that I should aim for my best either way and I have my study schedule planned out, but I...
  18. G

    Where can I Improve and what are my odds?

    Hello all, I am a senior in high school, and I thought I would leave my resume here to see where I stand and what my odds are. I am applying to both West Point and USNA, and have finished both applications. -Ranked about 28 out of 280 - about a 96% gpa -National Honors Society member - Class...
  19. Tigerplane77

    (Me again) Standardized Testing Problems Application update: During this school year I recently won a spot on Student Council Leadership Board and became the Vice-President and one of the founding members of the Mu Alpha Theta Chapter...
  20. W

    SAT scores and overall admissions chances for USAFA

    Hello, This is yet another 'chances' post... Here are some of my stats: weighted GPA: 4.33 unweighted GPA: 3.94 top 8% of senior class of 545 (I'm making an educated guess because my high school does not rank) I've taken 6 APs ( US History, Government, Economics, Biology, Calculus AB...