1. B

    Asked to retake the SAT, will I be able to in time?

    Hello! For context, I’m currently AD and applying through the LEAD program. From high school I have a 1360 SAT (640M/720R) which the portal converted to (32M, 38R, 34W). I finished everything for my application and received an email today confirming receipt of my AF Form 1786, but it also...
  2. L

    Need Advice

    I’m re-applying for class of 26, and I tried opening up a portal a while back, however it got denied because of my low SAT. I took the SAT again in August and just got my score today, 1090, I read that I’m only able to submit one test score at this stage for a chance to open up a portal. I have...
  3. A

    SAT- Which score to send

    I've taken the SAT twice and done very well, but I don't know which one to send. I've taken it without the essay and with the essay. The one without I got a 1570. The essay version I got a 1580, but an essay score of 16. So the essay score is obviously significantly worse than the mc score...
  4. A


    I emailed admissions at West Point and they said the SAT essay portion is no longer required. However, the ACT essay is still required.
  5. USS_Oregon

    USNA Preliminary Application

    Should I fill out the preliminary application right now or wait until I take the SAT in May? Also, how much does it matter when I fill it out? I know on their website they say it's not a "first come first serve" but still, is it even moderately that way? Thanks 👍
  6. R

    Essay still required?

    Hey, all. Was wondering if the SAT/ACT with essay portion was required for the class of 2026, even though CollegeBoard has decided to remove it? I can't find much information about whether it's required or not. Thanks!
  7. G

    Question about the SAT ?

    Hi guys I have one question about the academic scores: I have a 3.92 GPA, but I'm not that good on the SAT, I am Dyscalculic and on Math I have a 60% accuracy, 70% Essay, 80/90% Reading. I'm working hard 6 days a week to improve for the SAT and I improved in math from a 50% to 60% but...
  8. U

    Nomination, SAT Essay, and LOR Confusion

    Hello, I am currently a senior applying to USMA and I have three things I'm confused about. First, I am still very confused about how nominations work. I have already secured a JROTC Nomination and have applied for my congressional ones as well because I read that having more than one...
  9. birdwatcher4125

    Does anyone know when the August 29th, 2020 SAT scores will be released.

    Does anyone know when the August 29th, 2020 SAT scores will be released. Some websites say that today (Friday, 9/11/2020) is the scheduled release date, and some say that it won't be for another ten days (Monday, 9/21/2020). I seem to remember my older DS' getting his score exactly two weeks...
  10. D


    So lets say a friend of mine :rolleyes2: has a 610 verbal and 790 math score on the SAT. Will that verbal score be a big disadvantage in terms of the SAT section of the application or will admissions just see a good composite score of 1400 and a great math score of 790? I've read so many forums...
  11. FØB Zero

    SAT/ACT Application questions

    Will super scoring hurt my application at all? My counselor recommended that I send in fewer tests to colleges, because admissions tend to look through all the scores of all the tests. I took the SAT once and my score was low. My ACT is much better and I prefer this test. Should I still work on...
  12. FØB Zero

    Subject test(s)

    Hi friends, Should I plan/prepare to take any SAT subject tests? Does USAFA take the scores into consideration and can these even be submitted anywhere through the process? If so, which ones are recommended to take? Thanks
  13. HowBoutThemApples

    What to improve on and how?

    Hi everyone I'm a candidate for c/o 2025 and here's what my application looks like: 3.85 UW GPA, 4.0+ Weighted(not sure) 12/86 class rank 3 APs as of junior year, next year taking AP Calc, AP Bio, AP Comp Sci, and AP Lang(do they take note of senior APs?) 1270 SAT(640/630) National Honor...
  14. W

    Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA

    I am a high school junior and I want to go to West Point, but I am concerned about my class rank and GPA. I attend a very rigorous New England boarding school, where 99% of students go on to attend a 4-year college and the average GPA (unweighted) is 87 for the entire school. My school both does...
  15. F

    Summer Seminar: Send both SAT and PSAT scores?

    I scored pretty bad on the PSAT and got a 1200 (620 Reading 580 Math) then I did a little bit of prep on math and scored a 1300 (640 reading 660 math) on my SAT. Should I still send both scores as I improved by 100 points or would it be best to leave the PSAT out of the equation. Side note: I...
  16. 2

    Processing Time for SAT Scores?

    I took the August 24 SAT administration and the score send says "Fulfilled" as of 9/11/2019. However, when I logged into my USNA portal to check receipt on their end, it says "Not received." I'm sure that they will get to my scores eventually, but does anyone know how long it takes for USNA to...
  17. Fotouman

    Average SAT Scores

    The average SAT/ACT scores for West Point are fairly competitive, but they are not as high as other colleges with acceptance rates in the teens or single digits. For context... Dartmouth: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1480, ACT is 32 Duke: acceptance rate is 10%, average SAT is 1485...
  18. N

    PSAT or SAT?

    Hey guys, I've got a pretty good question, but it has a bit of a backstory. I am a junior in high school who is applying to USAFA and I took the PSAT at the beginning of this year and got a 1220, 640 on math and 580 on english. I am going on a trip the day I will be taking the SAT on the 27th...
  19. P

    Standardized Test Score Question

    So I am currently a community college student studying engineering, and am doing well with my courses, extracurricular activities, and leadership experiences. However, my SAT and ACT scores are not good (24 composite ACT, 1180 SAT). Obviously, I need to retake these tests and score as high as I...
  20. FlyingWings

    Should I take the SAT?

    My school doesn't make us take the SAT, only the ACT in the spring of our Junior year. Should I take the SAT or just focus on scoring well on the ACT? Thanks.