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Nov 28, 2008
I got a letter stating that I would be guaranteed an acceptance provided I completed everything satisfactorily.

1. I passed my DODMERB Physical.
2. I did all of the CFA jazz well.
3. I got nominations
4. I have everything in (that's on the website for uploading).

Two questions:
First of all: (If I forgot something above, don't worry, I've done it) Does this mean I'm in?

Second: Since I got that letter, does that mean I only need ONE nomination to be competetive? Therefore, can I cancel my other nominations so they can go to those who need it?

I'm guessing that you have an LOA (Letter of Assurance/Letter of Comfort). If so, if you are fully qualified (medically, scholastically, physically) and have a nomination, you are guaranteed an appointment. You only need one nomination. Sometimes the appointment takes a few weeks for it to arrive, but it will come.

However, I wouldn't "cancel" the others. First, they were due to USNA on Jan 31, so it's probably too late. Second, strange things happen in this world and I wouldn't turn down any noms you get.
Although you think you are doing another applicant a favor by "can-celling" an appointment, which in all reality you are too late to do anyway, you actually would be doing the Academy a disservice as now you would be limiting where they could place you thus affording another very qualified candidate that could have been chosen from this slate to not get and appointment.
wait, if we didn't turn down an appointment by Dec. 31, the spot is gone forever? In my USAFA appointment, it says I have until May 1 to decline it...?
Sorry meant nomination - :smile:

You are correct even at USNA you have until May 1st to accept the appointment. You have earned the appointment and the time to make a decision. Do not hastily accept or turn down because you think you would be helping someone else.
Hey gdesena,

I read you received appt to USNA-correct? What does your DODMERB site indicate after receiving appt.