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    Hello all. I am currently a junior in HS and will be applying for the ROTC scholarship of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

    I have tried to do some research concerning start dates but I am still confused as to when they start.

    Any advice, tips? Thanks :thumb:
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    The Air Force's application opens up June 1 (

    The Army's application ... I believe already opened up earlier this month for high school juniors.

    I have not applied Navy, so unfortunate I do not know when the application opens up for you.

    Tips and advice:
    1.) Get your SATs/ACTs done BEFORE senior year starts -- with all of these Defense cuts & looming sequestration, who knows how much money the Military will allot to ROTC programs. Why am I telling you this? Your BEST chance at a scholarship will be the first board ... the longer you wait, the more scholarships are already given out, which requires you to have a better application for competition. I know, at least for the Army, that the first board is in October. And the first SAT exam is in October - and the test takes a couple weeks to process, so chances are by the time College Board process and sends the scores to Cadet Command, the board will have already convened. See what I mean?

    Plus, say if you are not boarded the first time, you can still have more chances at a reboard later on. ... and besides, it's just better to get those pesky standardized tests out of the way junior year. You may think that senior year wont be as bad as it seems, but trust me, you will be BUSY!!! Applying for college, maintaining your grades for college transcripts, sports (presumably varsity), and everything else a teenager does.

    2.) Physical Fitness Test - If you have not already started preparing for this test, I would recommend that you start really soon. One - because it's a great set of exercises for your body; Two - because once you start ROTC, you may find that when you tested, the form that you used to do push-ups & situps may very well not be the "proper" way to do so. ... but this isn't as big of a deal as running. If you are not a runner/play a sport that does not require running, I would HIGHLY recommend that you start NOW. I do not know what your physical attributes are, but running can be difficult to fine tune --> it takes time. (well ... for those uber fast runners it isn't, but for some of us it can be). You will find that once you start running, you will not notice changes right away. I tend to find that you only notice improvement 4 weeks down the road. So, don't expect to be running for a week, and then being able to run a sub-5 minute mile.

    3.) College visits - When you go on your college visits, always try to set up an appointment to meet the unit (cadre & cadets). This allows you to see if that college's program is a good fit for you. Last thing you want to do is spend 4 years of your life with a program that you don't like. And this also allows the cadre to put a name to a face (and hopefully) get to know you somewhat before the flood of incoming freshmen cadets/midshipmen.

    Best of luck!
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    Navy usually opens up around April 1. You can only apply to one of Navy Option, Marine Option, and Nursing... so you may have some decisions to make right up front.
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    You shouldn't worry about when the applications open, you should worry about when the first boards meet and do some backward planning to figure out when you have to have everything done. In the case of Army the first board probably meets in October, so you should finish your app late in August, then be ready to submit SAT/ACT scores, transcripts, do your PFT and get your interview done. Make sure you have a pretty well refined school list by then too.
    Army app is open now, but I would strongly advise against completing the app now. It is a lot harder to change or add to your application than it is to get it right the first time. Take your time and do it right, no rush, and no extra points for being early.
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    One major difference between AFROTC and the sister branches is regarding the SAT/ACT.

    AFROTC DOES NOT SUPERSCORE. It is a best sitting situation. The avg Type 1 scholarship best sitting is mid 1300's+. Type 7's recipients are high 1200's. Again, this is one sitting.

    Take that SAT/ACT over and over again until you feel you no longer can get any higher.

    The next difference is the scholarship is tied to the cadet, not the school. You will not have to go through the transfer process if you get a scholarship to one unit, but want to attend another college. However,there is a transfer issue which is typically approved regarding Types. Type 7 is for IS equivalent for 4 yrs. If you select a college that costs more than your IS, you would change it to a 3 yr Type 2. I have never know anyone to be denied, BUT because of sequestration, nobody knows how that will impact ROTC next yr.

    Next, your intended major will matter, like NROTC 80-85% go to tech majors. If you are awarded a tech major, but than decide you want to go non-tech you will need AFROTCHQ approval to change it, and currently in this environment that is a slim to none chance for that occurring.

    Finally, there is a devil in the details regarding the AFROTC scholarship currently. Although it states 4 yrs. please understand that it really only guarantees for the 1st 2 yrs. As a sophomore you compete for summer field training (SFT), when you compete for that the scholarship is blind to the board selection. IOTW they have no clue, and give no weight to it in determining who gets to go to SFT. The current min for tech majors is @3.0/3.1 the min to maintain standing for the scholarship is 2.5. If you meet just the scholarship min., you will be in jeopardy of losing the scholarship due to non-select for SFT.

    They can keep you, but again in this environment it is more likely you will be dis-enrolled, hence loss of the scholarship, no AF commissioning. If you need that scholarship to attend the college you will be searching for at least 18K a yr for the next 2 yrs.

    These are important aspects to understand as you go forward. Good luck. Aim High...Above All!

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