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    Hello Everyone,

    I applied for the NROTC scholarship back in October and still haven't heard anything. I am not super worried yet as I know there are still a few boards left and a lot of people don't even hear anything until April. With that said, I was wondering if I could get some insight on my stats on whether or not you think it's competitive enough. I fully realize that scholarships are given out on a case by case basis so I am not asking what my chances are, just if you think it will be competitive.

    Here are my stats
    -4.09 Weighted GPA
    -630 Math SAT, 680 Reading SAT
    -4 years NJROTC, class leader, operations officer
    -Spanish Honor Society
    -National Honor Society
    -Community Service
    -Boy Scouts (No Eagle)
    -No Varsity/High School Sports but heavy involvement in community soccer and ultimate leagues
    -AFA: 6:22 Mile, 72 Pushups, 97 Curl-Ups
    -Tier 2 Major: Meteorology (Would probably change to another tier 2 major)

    Best Regards to Everyone.

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    You are definitely qualified, without a doubt. It just depends on who your competition is.
    Stay positive, stay alert, and stay in shape.

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