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    This appears to be the time of year for ROTC units to have their formal military ball.

    It looks like a charming tradition. Unfortunately, my familiarity is limited to She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, starring John Wayne.

    Can anyone shed any light? I know a big part of it is to recognize MS4s. How do MS1s figure in? Is attendance mandatory?
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    AROTC Ball

    I would go to the military ball trooper, attired in the appropriate uniform of the day!
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    The military ball is the equivalent of a Prom re: attire.

    I know you are discussing AROTC, but for the AF it is called a Dining Out (Out=Outsiders invited).

    Traditionally, the higher ranked cadets (C300/400 = jr/sr) will wear the uniform known as the Mess Dress. It is their equivalent to a tuxedo. It is not issued by the military. If they do not own a mess, they will wear their service uniform with a bow tie. Girls invited will wear anything from a cocktail dress to a gown, depending on where it is being held.

    There is an etiquette to this function.

    1. They may have a receiving line that you go through.
    2. You NEVER sit until the cranium table is brought into the room ---presentation of colors (flags)
    3. You toast...ALOT!
    ~~~To the President
    ~~~To the Branch
    ~~~To the CS
    ~~~To the CS of the Branch
    ~~~To the BN/Det

    I am sure I have the order messed up, and missed toasts, for me it was like Charlie Brown's teacher....To the blah, blah, blah.

    4. For the AF, they always have an MIA/POW table. They will have a speaker who explains why the table is set the way it is. Followed by a moment of silence.

    5. Invocation

    6. Dinner

    7. Intermission. Rule of thumb is doors are closed you don't leave.

    8. Guest Speaker

    9. Awards

    10. Some have dancing some don't.

    For our DS's det. it is not mandatory, however, don't fool yourself your absence will be noticed.

    For very active cadres they tend to be like Prom, where you may have a pre-ball party, and an after ball party with a group of friends. They make it a night to remember.

    Our DS is a 300, this is the 1st time he is bringing a date - they tend to only bring "THE girlfriend", and go stag if there is no gf. He has attended all of them since a 100. In the AF they have 2 of these functions a yr.

    Fall is Dining In, only ROTC members attend. Spring is Dining Out aka Ball.

    Hope that shed some light. I have to say this is the one aspect I miss as an AD spouse. It was the best time ever, minus the banquet food and a very boring speech by the guest speaker... EXCEPT for when the guest speaker was Bob Pardo...famous in the AF world for Pardo's Push.

    Robin Olds was also a great one too. He was a WP grad, and a Triple Ace in the AF. I will say that since I personally met him the night before the Dining Out at the O Club, he truly lived up to his legend of being a hard drinker. Also, as much as I respected his military career, he was very offensive to women...even at the Fighter Bar in the Club, he took issue that women were allowed in.

    McPeak was the worst. Gave a speech at a 2 seater fighter base, and stated flat out, I would rather have a Pint of Ale in my back seat.

    Gen. Short was a great speaker, he was the one that touched my heart with this statement:

    Freedom is not free
    Those protected by it
    Never understand
    The meaning of

    Xposted with Clarkson, and it appears in his pics that it is the same as the AF...receiving line, attire, convocation, etc.

    The only thing I have never seen is the red table...Clarkson, it appeared to be a somber moment, was that what we do for POWS?

    I can't remember it exactly, but it explains why the items at the table exist...i.e the glass, the flower, the lemon. etc, or is it for the fallen soldiers that were members of your BN?
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    Thanks, Clarkson for the pix, and thank you Pima for the description and reminiscence.

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