ROTC stipend/back pay


Mar 31, 2017
Hey everyone,

I’m a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship (minuteman/GRFD), and I contracted in the beginning of October. Do I receive the stipend for September as well? (School began 22 august). How would this be distributed?

I received my first direct deposit into my account and it was $170. since I’m a freshman, does the additional $20 account for back pay?

Thank you!
Unless things have changed, there is no "back pay" for the month before you contract. Make sure you check you direct deposit amounts EVERY SINGLE TIME because I can guarantee you that the Army will screw things up along the way. My kids were underpaid and overpaid several times during their 4 years in ROTC. Sometimes things were fixed as soon a the next payday and other times it took a couple months. Budget and plan accordingly. Whatever you do, don't think of it as a bonus when they overpay you because they'll make it up on the back end.
Stipend can not be retro’d. That’s why it amazes me that programs wait to test and contract new Cadets. They are causing them to lose money. That’s why I give every one of my incoming scholarship winners the opportunity to pass the test prior to the first day of classes. Only ones that still lose out is the ones waiting on DODMERB or don’t pass PT test.
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