SC Nominations . . . When would one expect to hear

Andy (SC)

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Dec 8, 2007
My son has interviewed with the Senators and Congressman in the state but apparently no nominations have been sent out yet . . . . we realize that they do have until the 31st of January to make them but it seems most other states have already sent their nominations out . . . . . has anyone from SC heard about their nomination request yet?

First when was the interviews? If they were only last week give it sometime. Have you look on the academy admission site? If they have submitted it, it should show there. I would feel pretty confident that if he had an interview he probably got the nom, the only interview my s went to there weren't alot of kids we walked away with the feeling they wanted a face to face b4 deciding. Our other 2 just went by paper, but 1 had 2 different cut off dates, if you made it through the initial review then they made you send in more paperwork.
I would also suggest if it has been over a month and is not on the site have your son call and politely ask when they would be releasing their results.
Good luck hope it helps to know that with every state and every MOC it seems as if there is no clear cut
In TN here...son had senators' interviews the end of October and mid November. The congressman's was a week ago. He emailed one of the senator's people and was told that in this state they wait until all of the congressmen have their interviews/meetings and then work together. Apparently there is one that isn't scheduled until the 26th of this month. It's kind of frustrating.
I would feel pretty confident that if he had an interview he probably got the nom,
not necessarily, esp in a more competitive area. lots of kids go to interviews and don't get nominations.

Your frustration is understandable. Hopefully you all will wait only another week - did the MOC's give any indication of when you would hear?
Our MOC's here in PA give a timeline on the application. They all handle it differently though - some send letters, some make personal phone calls. Our congressman makes personal phone calls, one senator sent a nice letter (sorry no nom for you! lol) and last year the other senator sent nothing at all, but he lost in the election.

Are any of your foot-dragging MOC's newbies?
So I take it they pull all of their candidates together and make a list from there. In NC they do not talk to ea other. We received letters from ea of them at different times. Doles noms were in before Burr had even had their interview, and a couple of other kids had their congressman before Doles where we receive our congressman after Dole, but Before Burr.

I think this is why it is so hard on parents they are seeing on threads, kids getting appts, and noms, but no answer yet. I have already realized that this will also occur from within the state, remember the SA cannot review the slate until all of the noms are in, thus someone from another district might get a nom b/c all their candidates are in while another candidate might have to wait.

I am just going to sit back and enjoy having my son around....whatever happens will happen!
Andy, I don't know if this will help but here are the dates from Son's noms here in SC:

Lindsey Graham - 2/25/2005

Earnest Hollings - 12/09/04

Gresham Barrett - 12/22/04

NJROTC - ? can't seem to find the date on this one but I believe it to be one of the first ones he'd received ?

KP Appointment is dated April 27, 2005
hey Andy, I live in Columbia SC and i've recieved all three notifications (2 Sent. and 1 Congressman). If you still havent recieved notification, it's a good idea to call/email their offices. Plus it lets them know your still interested.
Seems we (the parents) were more worried than our son was . . .

Saturday the mail arrived and there were two letters - one from each Senator. My wife and I were on pins and needles until our son got home to open them . . . . . he was a little apphrensive but tore right into them . . .

Both letters were positive and provided the nomination he had been looking for. GREAT NEWS :biggrin:

The Congressman's letters do not go out until 2/1 according to his office staff but I guess other than the satisfaction of receiving one from all three sources he applied to, this Saturday's notification gave him what he wanted.

OK, time for a deep breath and as someone in another post said, time to enjoy our son being at home for the next few months!

Thanks for the information this site provides
Andy (SC), Congratulations to your son for getting nominated!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:

P.S. Does he have an LOA?
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congrats on the noms!

I agree our s is very laid back on the whole situation, and he is just enjoying being a sr ., hanging with his gf and friends. He is more concerned about prom tickets and graduation parties:shake:
First of all, Congrats!

As a general bit of guidance, there is no set date by which MOCs must notify YOU. They must notify the SAs of their nominees by Jan. 31. Some MOCs tell candidates much earlier than that (Nov/early Dec). Others may not send out their notifications until after Jan. 31.

If Feb. 1 comes and someone still hasn't heard, I would follow up with the MOC nominating committee. Prior to that, arguably, they are still deciding and thus, IMO, calls could be considered nagging.
Yes he has an LOA . . . but . . .

He received an LOA in September of last year. He has passed the CFA and all the rest of his required "stuff" is in EXCEPT for . . . . .

An outstanding issue with his physical which dealt with having had an allergy shot within the past year . . . . the waiver request is in for review and we are just waiting for the PENDING under medical to change to a YES or PASS to get the green light . . . . . . :redface:

Best of luck! The application process can only be taken one step at a time...:smile:...your son is almost there!
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Another still waiting in SC

Great news on your son's nominations! Congrats. We have heard from one Senator (Graham) and our Representative (Inglis: SC 4th). Fortunately, both positive. DeMint was the last to interview in Charleston two weeks ago. We haven't heard from his office yet. What academy is your son seeking noms for?
Allergies in SC

Just noted your post about allergy shots. We're in a similar situation. DQ for having had them within the past year (June 2007). From what I have gathered, this is certainly a waiverable condition. But its hard to just wait... If I understand correctly, now that noms are recieved, they will be considered for waivers (at least with USNA). Is this your impression?
hey Andy, I live in Columbia SC and i've recieved all three notifications (2 Sent. and 1 Congressman). If you still havent recieved notification, it's a good idea to call/email their offices. Plus it lets them know your still interested.

does having multiple nominations increase the chances of appointment?

or by logic, it means u are very qualified?

do both SC senators use committees (I'm also from SC)?
Answers in order, no - no - yes.

I can't stress enough that applicants need to apply to every nominating source they can. All you need is one. They are competitive.