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Jun 13, 2006
i am goign to be a junior in highs school and currently have a 3.5gpa played frehsman and jv soccer and will be palying varsity junior and senior year. i am junior class president in the criminal justice and law society, co capt on the debate team and am actively involved in the paintball club. And i am an ambassador for my school. I was wondering if Vmi or Norwich give schlorships or do you have to get them through the Rotc Programs ? also what are my chances?
I doubt you would qualify. These both of schools have excellent academic programs that would require students to have a good command of the English language.
Wow, was that a put-down for bad spelling?? Did I miss something? My kids are great spellers but often don't spell well on their pc's in the interest of speed. Seems to be generally accepted on the internet.
Had ranger-hoo taken the time to scan a few of the threads on this forum he would have realized that this is not one of those places on the internet where poor grammar and spelling are "generally accepted" in "the interest of speed." My opinion is that if someone doesn't have the time to correspond in half-way decent English, it isn't worth my time to answer them so I just ignore posts such as the one above. I wouldn't even have taken the time to try to help him for future posts.
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Just_A_Mom said:
I doubt you would qualify. These both of schools have excellent academic programs that would require students to have a good command of the English language.

ouch. that hurts
The ability of young Americans to communicate clearly in writing has decreased in recent years with the advent of IM's, test messaging, and spell checker. This has been very noticeable at DoDMERB when applicants hand write their medical history, and send e-mail questions.

I have to say some of the worst that I have seen are from applicants who are currently in college and are looking for an in school ROTC scholarship. Trying to decipher some of the information that is received can be more time consuming than trying to decipher a physicians hand writing. I've wondered many times how some of these applicants made it into college in the first place.

I'm not saying that I'm perfect, but I do try to take some time when I'm posting in a public forum to ensure that what I write makes sense to me, and hopefully to everyone who reads this. My thoughts on this, if I write like I'm in the second grade, then everyone is going to assume that my intelligence is at the same level, and I would expect no one to pay attention to anything I write.

Unfortunately I believe that this is only going to get worse. With the advent of Blackberries and more people using text messaging to do business, the use of shortcuts is only going to become more pervasive.
RetNavyHM said:
My thoughts on this, if I write like I'm in the second grade, then everyone is going to assume that my intelligence is at the same level, and I would expect no one to pay attention to anything I write.

Ok, just so we're all clear, the above is not actually a sentence. :wink:
OK Dad, to quote an old commercial, "What do you want, good grammar or good taste?" :shake:

We all make errors on line and elsewhere so let's tone down the "rhetoric."

Ranger hoo hah needs to brush up on the typing, I think, but let's not judge him on a few posts.

WOW !!!!! sorry about the spelling i tend to rush when i am typing online sorry about all the spelling mistakes. Now does anyone know about the schlorships at Norwich and Vmi ? does the actual school give schlorships or do you get them through the ROTC program ? thanks
Originally posted by AFDAD:
"Ok, just so we're all clear, the above is not actually a sentence."
Actually, it is a sentence. It just might need a semicolon after the first part for the same reason that your sentence above would need the same after the "OK"
Dad, what are you trying to do here? Just a Mom did hoo hah a favor by helping him to clean up his spelling. I made a subtle comment to a post of his a week or so ago and it was ignored. You made a low blow to the hardest working member of this forum for a very questionable, according to Strunk and White, rule of punctuation. That, in my opinion, was uncalled for.
Yikes-a-molie. This is a rough crowd. I'll be sure to dot my i's & cross my t's from now on. LOL

Ranger, yes Norwich & VMI offer scholarships outside of ROTC scholarships. With your interest in criminal justice & law, both are great schools for you to look into. Or is it in to? I'm paranoid now... Have you sent for their course catalogs yet? There should be some more information there or on their website. You've got the goods so apply apply apply. Give yourself some choices. Good luck! Uh, you may wanna have somebody go over your applications for errors before sending them in.... Hope you know I'm pulling your chain. :biggrin:

P.S. My kid types about 120 words a minute correctly but writes like a third grader. Its scary.
No thanks needed. I only eat the smaller kids. They are more tasty. Or should I say, that they taste better? You guys are freaking me out.
Hi Folks!
Hmmmmm. Where do I begin? I apologize for my sarcasm. I try to keep it under control but sometimes it just slips out. It is a bad habit I have had my whole life.
That being said, please don't shoot the messenger. What you folks don't know is that after our friend Ranger made a similarly unreadable previous post, I sent him a pm. I welcomed him to the forum, encouraged him to asked questions, informed him that he could receive expert help here and advised him to check his spelling carefully. He chose not to take my advice.
In my humble opinion, when one seeks help it should be sought in such a way to encourage those who are giving freely of their time. I am not sure that Ret Military personnel, current academy students and parents who have been through this process will be impressed with sloppy writing.

Ranger - Welcome! I hope you find this forum helpful and wish you luck in your quest.

PS: Now I am going to be scared to post because I know if I make a spelling or grammar error - I'm gonna be in big trouble!

Now to answer Ranger's question: If you want to go to a school then apply. Worry about the money later. This advise is from a Mom who has already sent two kids to private colleges, with two more behind them in high school.
Hey Ranger, your missing a a and the o is in the wrong place in scholarship in your second poosting on this thread.
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Just busting on you Ranger, but if you are looking into attending an academy next year get ready for some serious mind games. The Cadre at some of these academies (from what I heard) make inter-service boot camps look like that Drew Carry's comedy show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". A lot of the Cadre is sharp and their mean. Here's a cool story my son was told by one of the Cadre up at the Coast Guard Academy when he was attending AIM this summer.
One of the swabs received a letter from mom that had a picture of a Blue Bird on it. So the Cadre made this swab write a poem about Blue Birds every night for a week and read it aloud at breakfast to his table. You know what the reply back to mom was. At the time it wasn't too funny to the swab, but later I'm sure this little incident was told and laughed about for many times to come. Since it was the Cadre telling the story was the swab.
So no matter how well you get all your idiosyncrasies down pat, someone going to find something to bust your chops about.
Hi ranger-hooah

My son applied to both VMI and Norwich. He received $12,000 in scholarships at VMI and about $16,000 at Norwich (both per year). To give you an idea of what his qualifications were - top 25% of his HS class, 3.8 gpa, 690 and 680 SATs, several leadership positions, National Honor Society and only intramural sports. He started his rat year at VMI last Saturday.
Barracuda if u dont mind why did ur son pick vmi over norwich? ( my good friend just went to vmi on sat too) . Is it true that some of the ROTC branches give out more schlorships? my friend applied for one at vmi and army gave him a 2 year but he wanted marines and they did not give him anything. Is it true that army Rotc give more schlorships than the other branches?
Ranger that is true mainly because the army is bigger than the marines :D . As far as i know Norwich (where i am applying) gives out its own seperate scholarships aside from the ROTC one.

On a side note, I am not sure how good my credentials were for the AROTC scholarship but I was advanced to the interview stage, or is everybody who gets all their info in auto advanced?