She Got It !


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Jun 21, 2007
:yllol: :yllol:

She smiled and laughed. I cried. Got the nomination letter in the mail last night from NY congressman. D was getting the mail as we were heading out shopping and said "I'm openning this RIGHT NOW" as we were sitting at the mailbox on the street. Then she had to make a series of phone calls (of course) before we could go anywhere - hehe. So proud of her- what a great Christmas gift.

Thanks to all for the encouragement. Now we wait on medical.
Happy Day! Congratulations on this wonderful achievement and honor!!! :yay:

I just got my :smile: MOC nomination from NC in the mail last Friday (after getting a 'no' answer from Sen Burr. I'm also waiting on DodMERB results.
LizfromNC, yay!!! :yay: Congrats to you,too! It is a big step forward to get a nomination!!

BTW, I grew up in NC, too. What an honor to be nominated from the Old North State! :thumb:
Liz :wow:
Have you heard from Dole yet? I don't know of anyone who has. Pay no mind to not getting Burr you just need 1

Outstanding news:thumb: Congrats to your doughter and best of luck.
Update on my Noms in NC:
Got on my MOC's slate.
Dole's letter said she would notify her nominees in late December (one can only hope)
For Burr, I have an interview in January.

Good Luck to All:thumb:
What district r u from for your MOC?

Which acad r u applying for with Burr?
ben448, Congratulations on your congressional nomination. Good luck with the Senator Burr's interview!

GO Army!
Congratulations to all

Son's USNA Admissions office online candidate info page was updated today with his nom from Sen. Bond.......with a "LOA" in hand, could he possibly receive the "Appointment Packet" soon or has admissions slowed down until sometime after Christmas ?

thanks, G5
Woo Hoo!! I checked after reading the last post...son's is updated too!! I kind of doubt it comes before Christmas, though. Maybe in time for a January birthday!
I just checked and I can't believe my D's is updated as well- so very cool !! She will be so psyched when she gets home from school :biggrin:

Thanks for the congrats. Good luck with your Dodmerb situation as well Liz...

And big congratulations to everyone else here on there NOMS. :thumb:
I'm also from 4th District NC. I haven't heard anything from Sen. Dole either except for letter that said we'd hear more in late December. Ben448 did your nom letter from Rep. Price have misprint 'Class of 2011' (vs. '2012')? By the way :yllol: just checked DODMerb website and am medically QUALIFIED for both USNA and USCGA!
Yes mine had the misprint, but the folks from Rep Price's office called to confirm that it was in fact a mistake.
Congrats to NC.

Dole said she had over 315 applicants (back in Oct.) OUCH!

From other people I have heard from for Burr, we all have the same interview date of 5 Jan...the letter even says if you don't make it you are dq.

All is good you only need one nom!

Happy Holidays:biggrin:
Congratulations to ALL

Son received a letter today from Sen. Bond congratulating him on "earning" an "Appointment" to the USNA...........think I'll break out the eggnog a few days early !

Thanks for all your good help,