Should I do AF ROTC?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by bcabsher, Jun 7, 2012.

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    I am going to UNC Charlotte in the fall. I am not completely sure what I want to major in, but right now I am leaning towards International Affairs, and maybe working for the State department Foreign Service, or a NGO. I want to learn another language, probably Arabic. I think I would like to joining the Air Force after college. Doing things like PT at 6 in the morning would be enjoyable to me. But I want travel abroad a lot, (Dubai, Israel, Hong Kong) and you can't unless your major requires it. When I think of places like the Citadel or West Point, the does not seem very... fun, more like factory's. I think I would be to independently minded to be enlisted in the military, and I get this feeling that ROTC would clamp down on social life.
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    It's good that you are taking the time to think this over carefully, it's a big decision to make.

    ROTC does not "Clamp down" on social life, it is part of your college experience, unless you plan to party late into the night every night. There is plenty of time to be involved in college and participate in activities outside of ROTC, this is one of the biggest differences between ROTC and an Academy. ROTC encourages study abroad as part of your education if your major requires it.

    The biggest thing you need to think about is not how ROTC will effect your college life but how being in Active Duty Military will impact you. ROTC is just the training, once you graduate and commission you will start your real military life, this is what you need to decide, whether you want this lifestyle or not.
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    I would entirely agree with jcleppe's post. I would add if you apply for an AFROTC scholarship and do not get it, you can enroll as a college programmer and you are under no obligation to continue the program until your junior year (or you contract) if you decide it's not for you.

    One of my DS's high school chums just finished his freshman year at UNC Charlotte as an AFROTC College Programmer. From the conversations I've overheard it sounds like it's a fine unit.
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    +1 to Jcleppe's post.

    4 yrs in college is not 9-5, 365 days a yr, and additionally you selected where you attend college, the AF will not be that kind. They will tell you where you will be assigned for a couple of yrs. Don't like Korea, too bad, you go if they say go. Granted there are also great spots like AK, Hawaii, Germany and England too, but the point is it is the AF's call for at least 4 yrs after graduation.

    It is something to think about long and hard. The beauty of ROTC is you can take it for a test drive. Join it, if you decide in Dec. that it isn't for you, leave. No harm, no foul, but more importantly no WHAT IFs. I would suggest if you intend to do this stick with it for the entire freshman yr. Freshman fall semester is all about acclimating to the new school environment. Spring is when you can breath easier and feel more confident.

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