So, I'm off


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Aug 2, 2006
So I'm leaving early Saturday morning, going to be a long drive up to Northfield VT (like 6 hrs) but I think I can make it. First day/Rook Arrival is on Sunday and it will all start. Needless to say I'm going to get pwned :shake: Haha oh well. I obviously wont be able to give as much of my oh so valued insight around here as often as I'd like but I'll try and leave updates about how rookdom is going for any potential new students or for whoever wants to laugh at me muahahaha. Too bad Norwich is one of the last military colleges to start though :thumbdown: Anyway thanks for not hating me guys :thumb:

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Good luck, be sure to give us some insights when you get a chance, we'd be happy to have you as a resource about Norwich.

Chip, Good luck. Work hard. Your sense of humor will bode you well during those tough times.

I do have one favor though. As a champion of the underdog, over the past year I have noticed that same trait in you. A quick google brings out the fact that Norwich students come from over 40 states. Therefore, there will be a few underdog Southerners there. Take them under your wing and make them feel welcome.
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CHIP!!!!! Good luck buddy. Don't get broken. No injuries of any kind. Will be waiting for your return. Drive safely & don't freak on those people along the way. :biggrin:
Chip, take care, keep your head up and stay safe. You know there are a bunch here knowing that are pulling for you!!