Switching ROTC Scholarship from One School to Another


Jan 31, 2017
My son received a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship, of which I am very proud and happy for him. But there is a question that I have.

In my son's case, he has until March 12th, 2017 to check of one of the boxes for the 3 schools that he has selected for the scholarship.

The question is, he may not be ready to really select a school until later on in the month or even into April. He is reviewing all of the schools' data (financially and otherwise), and would like to avoid being forced into a decision.

As far as anyone knows, once he selects a school (if needed to be done by the said deadline), will he be able to switch it to another school on the list if he finds out the first school is not the right choice?

Thank you in advance for listening.
In the offer letter was a set of instructions, conditions, etc. I believe these covered the basics of transferring BEFORE you report to school. I suggest you read them closely to understand the process. It's fairly straight forward, but also needs to be done soon. I believe last year, the cutoff for an "easy" transfer of scholarship was early April.

You can also transfer after you start school, but it's more involved, and your DS may learn about the phrase "needs of the Army."

For right now, I suggest he pick the school he is most comfortable with and get the Scholarship locked in. 12 Mar is a hard stop, you don't want to miss that date.
Agree with AggieWill. He MUST select a school by Mar. 12. He can transfer the scholarship to another school after that date, but I'm sure there is some deadline to do that (see the acceptance letter).
First of all, congratulations on the four year offer!

Keep in mind that a four year Army Scholarship has a one year "free look" feature. He can attend a college with the Army paying all the tuition and fees (sometimes the school will waive R & B) and decide to drop AROTC without any obligations. This is why many of us are urging you to not miss the bus here.

I'm not sure why your DS is examining the schools "financially" but perhaps this may put your son's decision more at ease.
He should accept an offer prior to the deadline. If he wishes to transfer the scholarship, he will have to request the transfer in APR. The transfer instructions are included in the winner's packet.

If he wants to transfer once he is in college, he may transfer to a new school, but the scholarship will not transfer with him. He can request a new scholarship to the new school, which may or may not be approved by Cadet Command.