Taking Chance

Wish I had HBO... :frown:

Gonna have to get it when it comes out on DVD.
I definitely looked forward to watching it because it caught my attention of one of our Wyoming military members. (You're always partial to the state you live in). The movie with it's simplicity was very deep. It's one of those movies that you'll just have to watch for yourself. Everyone is going to have a different feeling coming away from it. But I GUARANTEE you that EVERYONE will definitely feel something and will be affected.

Some will see it from the standpoint of the war. Some will see it for the sacrifice of the marine who gave his life. Some will see it for the respect of the military for their brothers/sisters. Some will see it for the respect of a grateful nation. Some will see it for the love of friends and family.And of course, there will be those that believe that this marine's death was a waste of a human life. But again; I guarantee you that everyone will be touched by it. See it if you can. later... mike....
Taking Chance was probably one of the greatest movies I have seen. The message makes me want to serve my country even more and the respect shown by many for one man was very heartwarming. I would definitely recommend this movie for people to watch.
I completely agree with USCGA_HOPEFUL! But be prepared to cry- I know I was- it hits you in that way.
From a review at Sundance:

Taking Chance is, without question, one of the most powerful and vital films ever made about Iraq—or, for that matter, the military—and yet its potency comes not from melodramatic or political statements but simply from its reality and execution.The true story of a Marine who volunteers to escort the remains of a 19-year-old killed in Iraq to his family in a small Wyoming town, the film is based on a journal by Lieutenant Colonel Michael Strobl. It is in every sense a personal narrative, beautifully presented by first-time filmmaker Ross Katz—who was heretofore an accomplished producer and now makes a remarkable debut as a director. Fueled by an outstanding performance by Kevin Bacon, Taking Chance is about respect, about death and sadness, about honor and the military fraternity, and about the American community during a time of tragedy. It is an extraordinary film from any perspective.

I concur. Very powerful.
I have been waiting to see the movie since I read the account written by Lt. Col. Strobl. The written account moved me, and I agree with with CC that the veiwer will take away what they want. I believe the movie was well produced and provides a special insight to the care that is taken with our fallen servicemembers.