Teacher Evaluations for Home School Student?

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    Good Evening All,
    I am looking for help with the Teacher Evaluations. My son has been Home Schooled for his Jr and Sr years. We did so because he was not getting as much in the public school arena as we wanted. He is part of a larger Christian School Umbrella group. There are approximately 125 students who either attend at the school or who are home schooled in the Sr Class.
    Who can I get Teacher Evaluations from since Fresh/Sophomore would not be applicable?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Excellent question!!

    And one I've not come up against! :scratch:

    My immediate response is: contact the counselor at USAFA! Those folks are "THE GURU'S" and they "know all, see all, do all!" And I'm NOT kidding there!!!

    They will give you all sorts of options that will be doable!

    USAFA '83
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    Are you actually teaching math, chemistry and English to your son at home or is he taking the classes online or from someone else as part of your Christian School Umbrella group? My son was technically homeschooled throughout high school, but he took many of his classes at a homeschool consortium and a few online. His teachers at the consortium wrote his recommendation letters.

    If you are teaching him at home, I congratulate you on your ability to teach at the upper high school level both in both math and English. That's no easy feat. Second, I advise you to have HIM call his Admissions Counselor and ask if he can have his freshman and sophomore teachers send in recommendations. Lastly, I believe that Admissions will accept recommendation from other sources for home schoolers. Again check with Admissions they are the final say.
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    This is what the application states on the block to the left of teacher evaluations:

    Evaluator Selection Form
    You must enter the email address of three teachers who will then submit an evaluation of your suitability to attend the Air Force Academy.
    If you are Home-Schooled you will have the option of selecting civic leaders, coaches, etc. in lieu of teachers.

    Hope this helps! When in doubt call your Academy counselor. I sometimes miss the fine print as well.
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    To the mods, it might be useful if this thread continues to make a sticky for home schooled children, because it seems every yr homeschooling comes up and people tend to forget what advice was given the previous yr.
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    I know some home-schoolers who used coaches for letters of recommendation. I would also suggest anyone who teaches you in any way, not just formal classes. If you play an instrument and have private lessons, or are in C.A.P. or Scouts (not sure whether scouts would be the best for this, although that depends on what you did in the program), get your instructor, commander or leader to write them. Good luck.

    -Just trying give some suggestions, check on official rules and regulations before taking them!
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    My homeschooled kids used evaluations from college teachers, employers, online/cyber school instructors (whom they'd never met in person), and all kinds of local people who instructed them in assorted ways.

    Best advice: have son contact USAFA to see exactly what they are looking for!

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