The Nom!


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Nov 3, 2007
Son just got the call from Linder's office: it's official, he has a Navy nom!!! LOA+Nom=exciting times ahead!
WEEEE! Now thats the way to start your holidays off with a bang! Many many many Congrats! Don't drive the car for three or four days..... For some reason, ya kinda go blank & blind as to where the heck you're goin' then ya start with the tears for some reason! LOL Go make happy with the world! :thumb:

Congratulations to your family and especially your son! Get the bubble wrap - quick!
I have made that threat!! He had a bad dive Saturday night and hit the board...thought I'd have a stroke until I saw he was OK, just mad. When the season is over, I think he'll be confined to quarters!
My senior year of high school I had some overlap between ice hockey season and soccer season. The WEEK before I was going to take the PAE or PFE i rolled my foot pretty bad, heard a snap and got a nice big green/blue foot. And, to top that off, I still played a playoff hockey game that night.

Well, I was scared. Foot healed, and I took the PAE or PFE.

It's when people start being too careful with everything that they get hurt. Seems like the natural response of the body is to avoid/minimize pain and damage.
What you fail to mention here is your mother....what did that do to her nerves?!!! We moms can only take so much!!!!
True, and it's still that way. I'm not sure how she copes with some of it, maybe she just doesn't think about it. At my unit there are 75 other people who are looking out for me, and I look out for them.
GOT The NOM !!!!

Just checked CIS and there it was 19 Dec 2007. The Rep never called, she must have been Christmas Shopping.

LOA + NOM = Happy Camper :jump1: