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Jan 9, 2008
Originally posted on CC, but I wanted to add this for my frineds here....

I can't tell you all how much Pima and I have enjoyed being a part of this special community. Nothing makes me prouder than to be able to provide the young men and women here, and their parents, information and advice about the AF and the AF way of life.

Which brings me to a special announcement, something that Pima and I have been keeping quiet all these past few months...

In two weeks, I will be standing in front of over a hundred of my friends and family, a Wing's worth of the men and women I have worked with and flew for the past 20+ years, plus some "special guests (who will remain anonymous, unless they want to post so), and will officially be RETIRING FROM ACTIVE DUTY IN THE AIR FORCE.

It has been an amazing life, something I will cherish until the end of my days here on Earth. I have been privileged to serve with some of the best people in the world, from all the services. I have made memories that will be etched into my soul, and friends who I will remain in touch unitl the day I die. I have truly been blessed to be a part of this great organization, proudly serving the country I love with all my heart. I go on, knowing that I will miss the flying, but knowing that I will miss the people I have served with more. My squadron mates are truly my family, and I was lucky to have known them. They are the people who made my career special.

I stepped out of the jet Friday for my second to last time. A great sortie out over the Atlantic, leading a 4-ship of Blue against 2 other jets from my squadron simulating "red air", than on to our targets on the Carolina coast, then back out of "bad guy land" to fight our way home again. What a hoot, and my last true training sortie. My fini-flight is scheduled for the day prior to my retirement ceremony (a four ship loaded with 6 500-pound dumb bombs and two 500 pound LAser guided bombs each). My last time to the range for sport bombing. The champagne is on ice, the fire trucks already scheduled to hose me down when we land. It will be a day to remember, and I can't wait for it. I will be the one crying as I taxi in for one last time, but only because I loved it so much.

To the young men and women either currently in the Academy, or looking at this site with the hopes of one day beig a part of this calling; I can only hope that your career is as rewarding and fulfilling as the one I have lived. You are about to join perhaps the greatest group of people you will ever meet, doing things others can only dream about. I envy the fact that you are just starting out on your careers; I wish I could be there with you all as you start this life.

To the parents, and other members of this site's community, it has been a pleasure communicating to you all. I may not know each of your faces, but Pima and I feel we have come to know you all as friends. We hope that each of you can one day understand how much the AF will mean to your children; it is a special family that you children are only beginning to come to appreciate. May each of your children reach their dreams.

I will continue to post here, but I will now have to preface my posts with, "well, in my day" We will be thinking of you all these next few days, especially the young men and women here so eager to begin this life. Just think, in 20-ish years or so, each of you can be looking back as well as your career comes to a close. Again, I can only hope your's is a blessed as mine was.

Proud to have served, and truly blessed....

Bullet- good luck and best wishes to you and Pima! I discovered that there is indeed "life after..." and you will too.
Thank you for your service. Fire trucks!:eek: Enjoy the champagne - you deserve it.
sealion it is customary for the Fire Department to send a Crash/Rescue Truck to bathe the Aviator on his/her Finnie Flight. An honor for the Aviator and the Firefighters sworn to protect them. Enjoy the wash Bullet!!:smile::shake:
Congrats, good luck, and thank you for your service! :thumb:
Thanks for posting the news, Bullet! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and Pima!

I thought I'd bump up this thread for an update. The retirement went fantastic (fini-flight was AWESOME!), great time had by all, tons of friends, co-workers and family there to send me off in style. Pima and I have completed our move to DC, and I commence my next career in life shortly in similiar surroundings: I took a job in the Pentagon (I know, one of those lousy Defense Contactor types, I'll try not to screw up any tanker deals in the foresee-able future :smile:)

Miss my squadron mates terribly, and the flying more, but I know it's time to move on (Now if only I can convince some unsuspecting owner of a Piper Cub to let me do a few barrel rolls when I rent it from him :shake:). The AF was a wonderful life for Pima and myself, but we walked away heads high and with smiles on our faces. We wish you young men and women getttng ready to follow in those footsteps the very best, and hope your careers turn out as happy as we have been.

God speed for now, and keep those questions coming! We always here to help!

Bullet you are one awesome human being. You always write from the gut & the heart which means a million to those looking to follow in your footsteps. Pima trained you well. :biggrin: Just kidding. We are so lucky to have you here to benefit from all that real life wisdom. Its always a joy to see things through Pima's eyes as well. You guys keep up the good work!
Thanks for staying with us, Bullet, and you, too, Pima! I enjoyed hearing that all is well with ya'll. I hope you enjoy your new career in the Pentagon. :smile:
Congradulations Bullet change Washington don't let Washington change you.
I don't know if it is pride or he might not be able to say what he is doing...but suffice it to say Bullet will still be very involved in the AF fighter world for many yrs and our DS is pumped to know that his Dad will be on the leading edge for the fighter world. He will definetly be able to answer any questions for our nations best aviators :)

I of course am just thrilled to get him out of the house!:thumb: