1. ABridgeNotTooFar

    Change in sports - too late?

    I’ve recently began my sophomore year of HS playing no sports at all. Compared to my previous year, where I ran XC and Winter Track, I have decided to instead play volleyball in the spring and dedicated the fall and winter to studying and EC’s. Volleyball is a completely new sport to me with...
  2. ChickenNuggets

    Advice on Extracurriculars/Sports

    Im a hybrid homeschool high school sophomore and I have a list of extracurriculars/sports that I am doing and plan on doing. I would like some advice on whether or not they are good options or if I am missing out on some better Extracurriculars. At my school, I’m currently doing “Servant...
  3. C

    Additional Extracurriculars?

    Hello, I'm currently a sophomore in high school, and while looking at my current accomplishments, my extracurriculars (including sports), seemed a little thin. This is my current list: Freshman Year JV Wrestling MMA (Not school-affiliated Sophomore Year JV Wrestling, season got cut short...
  4. F

    Question About Leadership

    Hello there! I was looking through the USNA’a class profile, and I have a very important question. I saw that 66% of candidates are student body leaders. My school had the options of either having eighth period as a student body leader or as a JROTC leader. I chose to spend my eighth period...
  5. I

    Sports vs Extracurricular during Covid

    I have posted before about sports being affected by Covid, but being in a big city in California, it is hard to participate in sports. It is especially hard for me as if I get it, then my mom could have a possibility of being affected immensely as her immune system is weak due to her...
  6. H

    Other Applicants from my High School

    There's another person from my high school applying to the AFA, same year as me. He's basically a shoe-in though, as both his parents are AFA Alumni, and he had good grades, etc.. I, however, don't have parents in the Air Force; does this automatically mean I won't get accepted? I also have good...
  7. WW1UFI

    Documentation of Service Hours

    Hi everyone, Do I need to provide documentation/evidence to corroborate all non-school related activities? I know that I will have to get my h.s. guidance counselor to respond to the email thing that's a part of the app. But for other activities, I don't have to have proof or anything right? For...
  8. Z

    Class of 2024 Priorities SAT/ACT or ECA

    Hello all, I posted here in December where I was told to worry about SAT/ACT as well as CFA. I have dedicated my self to doing so, I boosted my 1130 to 1320 but my ACT is severely lacking as it only went from 26 to a 27 and when super scored a 28 (my math was pretty low) In order to change my...
  9. C

    My chances at an appointment

    Hi, I’ve been surfing the forums for a few weeks now but have just gotten around to actually making an account, and I have one aching question: what are my chances? Some stuff about me: I am an Illinois resident (IL-11) however, I currently live overseas in Belgium. I am a senior and attend an...
  10. X

    ROTC Scholarship Megathread

    Hey, everyone. Since the Army ROTC scholarship is set to release results from the 2nd board around February 1st, I was thinking about doing an ROTC scholarship megathread for all branches. This way, all of the seniors applying for the ROTC scholarship can relay potentially helpful information...
  11. B

    VMI Regimental Band & Extracurricular Activities?

    How much time does the VMI Regimental Band take out of you're schedule?? How often are practice during a typical week and how often are there marching performances and long distance trips??? Do you have to join the Regimental Band first in order to join other musical bands like the Commander's...
  12. C

    Adding Extra-Curriculars

    I have recently completed more extra-curricular activities that I would like to add to me Candidate Activities Record. Can someone explain to me how to add more activities to it?
  13. Maverick19

    Cadet Class Ranking

    So I've been browsing the forum looking for a definitive answer as to what exactly factors into your class ranking as a cadet outside of GPA and PT scores. I know there is weight on extracurricular activities, volunteering, and sports but I was hoping someone could outline it on here. I was...
  14. LJ-USAF-22

    Tips on distributing Extracurricular time

    Hello, I am a sophomore currently with the highest possible grades in the hardest classes available who tries to participate in multiple extracurricular activities. However, the inherent problem with this is that these extracurricular activities conflict many times per week. My biggest conflic...