Tuition Payment


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Nov 28, 2017
Hello all,

I am currently an MSII on a three-year scholarship. I go to a crosstown affiliate school with my ROTC program. However, my scholarship has not paid for my tuition yet, due to the fact that the individual, on my campus, handles all of the tuition payments for the cadets with scholarships. He had sent an invoice to USACC on 11/15, and they still haven't paid for my tuition yet. Does anyone know how long it will take for my tuition to be paid? or any advice on what I should do? My cadre are aware of what is going on.

Thank you all
Most colleges are understanding about the delays involving ROTC college scholarships. I suggest the following:
  • Obtain a letter from your cadre (PMS or ROO) confirming that the scholarship funds are pending.
  • Make an appointment with your bursar or cashier's office at the school that the tuition is due.
  • Meet with the bursar, show them the cadre letter and your original award letter. Then ask for a delay on your tuition payments for another 30 days.