1. P

    Should I do Army ROTC or Airforce ROTC in my case?

    I'm majoring in computer science or might do computer engineering. I would prefer to go reserve/national guard after graduating college and OCS/OTS as a cyber officer in the army or as a cyber officer in the airforce. Which would give me a guarantee/better chance of choosing what I prefer? I...
  2. P

    Which branch should I join?

    I'm stuck between the army reserve, navy reserve and airforce reserve. I want to be a cyber officer in one of these after graduating with my bachelor's in computer science/engineering. I want to do reserve first then active duty if I like the environment. Which would guarantee me the position...
  3. un_pajaro

    To wait for ACT testing for preliminary application or no?

    Hello, been lurking around here before but made an account just now. I am applying for class of 2028, and in the preliminary application I noticed that the standardized testing is optional. I already have ACT tests scheduled in the summer, so I am wondering if I should wait for the ACT tests to...
  4. G

    For those who were admitted into the Service Academies or attended them can you share your GPA, CFA score, and Stats so that everyone else can have

    For those who were admitted into the Service Academies or attended them can you share your GPA, CFA score, and Stats so that everyone else can have an Idea of the average scores to point at, thank you in advance for your precious help! :D
  5. H

    Does college choice effect chances at a rated AFSC

    I'm currently a senior in high school and have already started receiving some of my college decisions. I was looking into how to become a pilot and obviously one of the factors is my GPA in college. Assuming all other things equal, why would I choose to go to a more difficult college when I can...
  6. G

    What to disclose to a recruiter and checking medical records

    Hi, I have been interested in joining the Air Force for years now. I am 23 and have decided it is finally time. The only thing I am still unsure about is the medical history, what disqualifies you, what you can get a waiver for, and checking medical records. I have been told so many times to...
  7. B

    Becoming a PA through ROTC

    I'm currently a sophomore in high school interested in becoming a PA. I'm thinking about doing ROTC to pay for schooling and for job opportunities, but I'm not sure how the timeline works out. I plan on doing Running Start, so would I immediately start ROTC in my junior year of high school...
  8. Y

    Fluent in arabic; does it help my application?

    Hey guys, So I was just wondering, if I am fluent in Arabic, meaning I can speak, understand, and partially read, does that help the strength of my overall application?
  9. D


    So I was dqd from DoDMERB with Airforce ROTC and the waiver was denied as well now all I can hope for is the rebuttal. Now is enlisting going to be the same too? I talked to a recruiter and they had no idea what DoDMERB even is and told me they use MEPS so I'm hoping if DoDMERB prevents me from...
  10. P

    Marine ROTC and AF ROTC

    I am interested in the scholarship for either marine or air force rotc, since that is what I'd like to do in college. However, I am also seriously considering enlisting in the Marines first before I go to college, unless I get the scholarship. I want to get a general idea where I stand, and...
  11. W

    Coming to ROTC from abroad

    Hello everyone! I live in Jinja, Uganda with my parents, who are missionaries. so therefore we dont have enough money for me to come back to the US until soon before university starts, and I want to do ROTC. I have no idea the best way to do this, and I was hoping for some insight! Thank you!
  12. M

    Chances of USAF Surgeon General’s approval

    To sum it all up. I had gotten an S/P ORIF on my left leg (An IM rod and 4 screws, 2 above my ankle and 2 below my knee) 4 years ago. My recruiter took all of my medical records of the surgery and sent it to the Surgeon General. A couple of weeks go by and my recruiter calls me and says that it...
  13. F

    Navy O.C.S. - Do I have a chance?

    Hello, my name is Gage Nawrocki; I just created this account to begin my research before applying. I am planning to enroll in OCS for the Navy, I am currently pursuing my B.A.S. in business management. I know I am getting ready to get ragged on for not obtaining a technical degree, business is...
  14. 045mason

    UPT Base Selection

    Anyone have advice on base preference for UPT? I am leaning towards Vance but I haven't heard much about Columbus or Laughlin.
  15. H


    I've heard of the RSCAP ( ROTC Selected Cadet Athlete Program) program before, but i'm not quite sure exactly how is works. If anyone if familiar with this program (specifically with Air Force) could you please explain it. Thank You.
  16. W

    Another Waiver Question

    The first time I attempted to join the military was with the Airforce in 2014. As I went through the medical questions with the recruiter I answered Yes to the question about spinal curve/deformity (scoliosis) The recruiter told me to get all the records I have from it and get current X-Rays...
  17. W

    What are my chances of being deployed to the middle east?

    I'm thinking about joining the air force as a space systems operations specialist and i was wondering what my chances are of being deployed to the middle east?
  18. R

    Varsity Letters through JROTC and Scholarship Chances

    I have received a varsity letter through jrotc drill and rifle team. Will they count as sports or as extracurricular activities? With that being said do I have any chance towards getting an AROTC or NROTC scholarship? Currently a high school junior Aspiring Major: Aeronautical Engineering GPA...
  19. PTWOB_485

    Airmanship and the Wings of Blue

    Hi Everyone, Recent grad here, currently an Admissions Advisor for USAFA. I noticed that there isn't a ton of information on here about the thing that I think really sets us apart from the other service academies (and really and other college in the world) -- our Airmanship programs. With...
  20. J

    NJROTC Essay Help

    Hi guys I'm currently in 8th grade and Im applying to Naval Junior ROTC for high school. I have a good amount of skills that I can write about. Im a Boy scout, In the order of the arrow, an alter server, captain of my travel soccer team, helped during sandy, a black belt, and I help my dad at...