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Mar 8, 2017
Hey, I was just at the Naval Academy last week with a group and one of the things we did was attemp/practice the CFA. I was wondering if anyone could tell me some good exercises that would help me improve more.
-How do I improve my Basketball throw distance?
-How do I increase my Pull-Ups?
-How do I increase my Push-Ups?
-How do I increase my Sit-Ups?
-How do I increase my Shuttle-Run time?
-How do I increase my Mile time?
I would appreciate and advice I can get...and just so you guys know I understand the basic exercises like: Keep practicing Pull-Ups in order to do more Pull-Ups, Do more Push-Ups to increase the amount of total Push-Ups you can do, Do more Sit-Ups in order to increase the amount of Sit- Ups you can do, Do sprints to increase or Shuttle-Run time, and keep running the Mile to shorten your Mile time. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or personal workouts that they wouldn't mind sharing with me (besides the ones I already mentioned). Thank You for your help and support, I appreciate you guys helping me achieve my dream.
YouTube. CFA prep videos.

Consult track coach at school.

Pull-up bar in doorway. Do them daily.

Focus on form and breathing. Do the sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups with good technique.

Keep a log on phone or paper or computer.

Daily practice.

Search the dozens of threads in here.

Google Stew Smith CFA.
Just a few tips

1) Practice the CFA in order of events because it builds on itself
2)When you practice, record your scores in this sheet - Score Sheet.pdf
3)Do as many reps as you can per set. At the beginning of my training, I would do 100 push ups a day but only in sets of 10, this does not help on a test in which you have to do one huge set. Have a large number of overall pushups for your workout and then do that many in as few sets as possible
4)Basketball throw advice (everything is great except for the "beat navy" part)-
5)There is nothing wrong with working out every day as long as you recover with good nutrition and...
All excellent advice above.

The CFA is a loading test. Each event builds on top of the previous. DS discovered the more he trained the core, the more energy he had for the mile and all the other events that built up to it.

DS was also a lean track kid who maxed the mile. To train for the mile, you need to run more than a mile, and work on increasing your pace.

Good luck!
Thank You, everyone, for your great advice, I can't wait to try these new things tomorrow!
Any advice for the week leading up to a fitness test? Would anyone suggest getting more rest or continuing with the same training schedule as usual?
Nothing wrong with taking a day or so before hand to rest. Don't need to rest an entire week. During your CFA practice tests try a couple different rest options and see what works best. Hydrate, sleep and good food will help. Stretching is also key to recovery.