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Jan 22, 2024
I finished my application to USMA early on including acquiring a LOA and Nomination but I was medically disqualified due to my hearing in my right ear, and self reported mild back pain that lasted 3 months last year. USMA requested a waiver for my conditions on November 14, and I submitted medical audiograms showing my hearing has remained stable and has not affected me in any meaningful way.

Is there any conventional timeline for a waiver decision or any additional documentation I should submit? Also I understand its fairly unpredictable, but are my waiver chances decent? This whole process just has me stressed out.
I'm going through the same thing right now for a DQ for a history of shoulder dislocations (applying to USAFA). There really isn't much you can do at the moment until the waiver authorities have made a decision on your case or if they request more information. I have heard/read stories from individuals and on these forums that the waiver timeframe can be between 2 weeks to up to 6 months. It really depends on how busy they are and how many waivers have been requested. My advice is to just sit tight and have any additional information that can help with your case ready on hand so if they request for more information, you can just send it right away.
Length of time to get waivers really seems to be a case by case basis. Some are pretty quick. Others can take many months. All you can do is wait and provide any additional information if requested. I know waiting is not easy, but it is really all you can do. Good luck!