waiver process

  1. K

    Application Update

    I just got an email and it says "We regret to inform you that you have not been selected to receive an appointment." I'll be honest, I am very disappointed with this. I am assuming that I was not given an appointment because of me still being medically disqualified. This is kinda funny, but I...
  2. J

    Double checking information, RE-3 , age and vison

    Good afternoon , just wanted advise and to double check information. Started my Re-enlisting process. Went to MEPS for asvab, All great across the board. At MEPS an staff mentioned as to why I wasn’t going officer with since I had my bachelors and the scores were fine. I gave it more thought and...
  3. N

    Hypothyroidism Medical Waiver

    Hello everyone, A month ago my recruiter underwent my medical waiver hypothyroidism. My condition is completely controlled by medications. I can do everything I did before having this condition is as if I did not have the only thing that I should take my medicine every morning so that it...
  4. A

    Eczema DQ

    Hi I am a second year on-campus, non-scholarship, ROTC cadet and DODMERB DQ'd me a couple of months ago for having "a history of atopic dermatitis or eczema after 12th birthday." I misdiagnosed myself and rushed through the DODMERB questionnaire stating that I had a small case of eczema a month...
  5. F

    Waiver Assistance

    Dear Everyone, I am currently in the process of applying to the USNA and the USMMA, I have completed every step and the last thing I needed was to be cleared by DODMERB. They had flagged me for having a history with psoriasis. In reality I have a mild case of psoriasis that isn't visible, my...
  6. C

    advice with applying for OTS

    Hi, I'm 37 years old and so glad that the cutting age changed, but I need to do something fast and the right way because I don't have time. I did my first-time AFOQT test in 2015, I didn't know I could only do it twice, so I wasn't prepared and on my second time, I got some food poisoning and...
  7. S

    Does a LOA help my chances of being medically waived?

    Hello, so I received my LOA recently and have already been asked to go to a paid visit to West Point for later this month (yayy), which is great and all but I'm very nervous about being medically disqualified. I have two conditions that I know for sure are grounds for disqualification but I was...
  8. R

    Recruiting problem

    I am trying to enlist in the US Army. My recruiter had submitted waivers for some surgeries I had when I was younger. They got approved but he "forgot" to put in a Med form for a hernia I had repaired. I asked if he could add it and he told me that I could only submit one waiver and I was just...
  9. U

    Advice/Thoughts/Negative Advice-ROTC

    So, first and foremost, Hello to all who will be reading this post. This post is pretty much about my story and thoughts on what anyone thinks. To start, I must remind you all that nobody is perfect and we all have made decisions that we are not proud of, but to contradict that statement, I do...
  10. R

    Waiver Question

    I had a waiver request about a month ago for USMA and USNA, but I have not received any remedial request. Is this a good or bad sign, or have they not started to process my waiver yet?
  11. R

    USMA waiver question

    The post on application portal for USMA says 90 day process for waivers. Can waivers be completed before 90 days or do I have to wait the full 90 days?
  12. GA5Fighter

    The Waiver process and Waiting Advice

    Just found out that my waiver was granted and that I am now medically qualified. This was the last thing that I needed to be "3Q". I admit that I was caught off guard when I saw the good news. Guess I had become used to opening the portal every week and seeing "Waiver requested". For any future...
  13. R

    DQ - to school

    I was DQ'ed on the 25th, and my applicant page say Waiver Pending Waiver Submission/Review. But on my West Point portal still just says Remedial (Jan. 16, 2019). How long will it take for West Point to get my DQ? Also, I believe there to be an error with DoDMerb because on my applicant page the...
  14. K

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Just received my nomination to USMA from Jay Inslee (WA-01)! Now the wait.... Anyone else hear from Washington?!
  15. trepei

    Submit Waiver "Supporting Materials" as They Come In?

    Hello, I am currently a candidate for USNA & USAFA, and have been medically DQ'd for a dislocation of the patella in 7th grade. I have returned to full athletic capability since, and have been cleared for as much by a doctor. USNA has begun the waiver process for me, and has requested...
  16. F

    Dodmerb DQ from AFROTC - how to appeal after “normal” waivers sent in

    Our DS is a freshman and received Type7 AFROTC scholarship . We started with DODMERB a year ago when he was applyyro USAFA. This has been a long and grueling process of waiting and waivers, found out yesterday he is DQd from AFROTC after submitting requested waiver. Now wondering what to Do...
  17. C

    DODMERB kyphosis waiver process- advice needed!

    Hello all, I am planning on attending CU Boulder on a 4 year AROTC scholarship starting this coming fall. I am currently in the remedial process for 58 degree, pain-free kyphosis. I talked to DoDMERB yesterday and they said that there is no chance the waiver will be reviewed/granted by the time...
  18. C

    Rosacea Waiver denied for the Navy.

    First off let me apologize in advance: I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for me, but I don't know where to go. I am trying to join the Navy as an enlisted, but was DQ'd at MEPS for rosacea. I submitted a waiver with a note from a dermatologist denying any such skin conditions. All the...
  19. 2

    Received email from USNA about waiver

    Yesterday (03/15/18) I received an email from usna stating "Good afternoon. You are currently in the medical waiver process for the medical disqualification that you have received from DODMERB. I have attach a Orthodontist Transfer-Patient-In-Active treatment form. Please have...
  20. J

    Waiver Situation: Is It Futile?

    Hey there, I'm posting to discuss my current situation with DoDMERB as I am an applicant to USMA, USNA, USAFA, and AROTC. I am most interested in attending Clemson University on my 4-year Army Scholarship. I will start from the very beginning; it will take a moment to get to my points, but all...