usma 2028

  1. F

    PC in cadet barracks??

    I built my own desktop PC last year, I was wondering if I am allowed to have it in the Cadet barracks? or should I just sell it :(???
  2. C

    R-Day Weight Confusion

    Hey, I am an incoming plebe this year the USMA, and noticed a black box in the InstructionsForApplicantsOfferedAdmission.pdf. This box states: "Every candidate is responsible formeeting the height and weight standards on RDay, without exception. Candidates who donot meet these standards are...
  3. F

    Admissible Packet 4???

    Does anyone know when the incoming class of 2028 will receive their 4th admissible mailing? Also, what would be included in it?
  4. Notus6d

    Tablet Suggestions

    Hello all, I am a current accepted candidate ordering items for CBT and the academic year. I have heard from friends at the academy that a tablet for note taking and general use is extremely helpful in STEM-related courses. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a good tablet that...
  5. S

    Problem with logging into Candidate Portal

    Im not sure what the issue is. I tried contacting admissions but no answer.
  6. U

    USMA Appointment C/O 2028!!!

    Hey everyone, I just received a call from my congressman that I received an appointment for West Point's class of 2028! I wanted to share this news as the forums have been so helpful to me and I wanted to give back everything I learned from this process and if anyone had any tips for me coming...
  7. C

    Waiver Timeline with Letter of Assurance

    I finished my application to USMA early on including acquiring a LOA and Nomination but I was medically disqualified due to my hearing in my right ear, and self reported mild back pain that lasted 3 months last year. USMA requested a waiver for my conditions on November 14, and I submitted...
  8. U

    CFA Help

    Hello! I've recently taken my CFA for all the academies, and the following scores passed for all the academies except USMA. My regional coordinator and application technician said the main thing I needed to work on was my pull ups... Anyone have any tips to crank a couple more out? I've been...
  9. F

    Candidate File Qualified but I have a Principal Nom??

    Hi, I received the following correspondence in my portal today; The Admissions Office has received all your information and the Admissions Committee has reviewed your application. You have been found fully qualified and placed on the national waiting list. Several hundred cadetships will be...
  10. C

    Body Fat Percentage Worksheet Discrepancy

    Are cadets required to pass both methods of BF% calculation? I did some unofficial calculations, and using the first method, my BF is around 32%, but using the second method it's 26-27% (depending on whether the weight in my DoDMERB portal is used or the weight I took just now. I was about 1 lb...
  11. C

    CFA and LOA

    I received an LOA for West Point around a month ago, and am afraid I'm going to fail the CFA. I'm taking it this Thursday, and have to submit it by 10/15/23. If I send the results on the day I take it or very soon after, if I fail will my LOA be rescinded? I've heard it takes a while for them to...
  12. C

    LoE Questions

    I recently received a LoE from West Point. I understand that this is a good sign for my odds of admission, and that it qualifies me for an overnight visit, but does not mean much else officially. I also know that I was probably one of the earlier from my class to receive such a letter, having...
  13. S

    Re-applicants who got in, what do you think that made you get in the 2nd/3rd/4th... time?

    I have been going over my application last year, trying to assess myself. I was found "fully qualified", but didn't get in. I asked myself, was it either the test, the essays, or the fitness test? Or even all of them? It doesn't help the fact that I am international, so I am assuming that the...