West Point SLE Week 1


Sep 2, 2016
Saw someone do this in on the USNA forum and thought it was a good idea. If anybody else is going to the first session of SLE, PM me so we can start a group chat! Looking forward to hearing from y'all.
Yea I started one of these a couple days ago, we got about 6 people so we can just merge it. I guess a text group would be the easiest?
Yup, going to SLE#1, then on to NASS#2, then Girls State, then AIM. And lots of soccer in between. #BestSummerEver!
ok so I made a groupme I just need everyone's number that wants to be in it (with the app it makes it a lot easier) but everyone who's given me a number is in.
My twin and I will be attending SLE session 1, NASS session 2, USAFASS session B, and AIM session 2.
That's amazing! Pm me or just out your number in here so we can add you to our GroupMe... we'd love to hear more about you and your twin's successes!