What are my chances for getting into the Naval Academy?


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Oct 2, 2017
I have a 3.92 unweighted GPA, 4.07 weighted. I have 680 English 640 math (still taking the tests) and 32 English 27 math. I am 2 out of 32 in my class, and attend actual college courses for missing high school classes, such as calc, bio, engl, chem. I get good grades, only one C, my school doesn't have any organized groups or sports, but I do have swim team in the summer. I am a Lifeguard and a Volunteer Firefighter. Recently, I have become a part of a national mathlete team, and I am head of 3d printing for a new structure of beehive, project leader for special events for my college's STEAM team, and I completed my application about 2 weeks ago. My CFA scores are 71 ft., 13 pull ups, 9.11 secs shuttle run, 90 crunches, 48 push ups, and 6 min 40 sec mile. What are my chances now, and what can I do to improve them?
And write and speak in language everyone can understand, High schools are different all across the country and something with one name in some school district might have another name in another school district. For example, what the hell is a STEAM team. Unless you meant STEM, in which case, proofread (which I need to do better at from time to time too).
In terms of improvement, there is almost nothing seniors can do now to improve their chances this year -- other than retake the CFA if scores weren't good and focus on doing well at MOC interviews (if your MOC's committee conducts them). Your record is what it is.
^^ That only relates to getting a NOM. The WCS is calculated by USNA and is the same for everyone regardless of where you live.
Have you thought about the United States Merchant Marine Academy? It's free, you can commission into any service branch you want, or sail in the maritime industry making 150k right out of graduation, and still be a commissioned Naval officer
All depends on your competition in your congressional district.

^^ That only relates to getting a NOM. The WCS is calculated by USNA and is the same for everyone regardless of where you live.

IMO --competition within the Congressional District is probably the most relevant factor. Rationale - most MOC use a competitive alternate nomination, nominating up to 10 candidates for each slot. That is the "pool" of candidates that applicant is competing with. There are certainly some exceptions, including other nominating sources, but for the most part the appointment will go to the candidate with the highest score in that pool.

I know there are congressional districts that literally have 100's of applicants, and I know there are some areas that have fewer than that in the entire state. I don't think the candidates from the states with "less competition" are any less qualified -- the candidates I have seen attend USNA have tickets that are every bit as good as all the "chance me " posts and have done very well at USNA, but the depth of the applicant pool is not as deep. Thus, statistically, the "chances" of getting an appointment is better than from the "more competitive" states.