What are my chances?


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Oct 10, 2007
Looking at sites like princetonreview, collegeboard, collegeview, etc., I can't believe how difficult these academies are to get into. For the past year or so I've been asking the same question, and keeping the academies in the back of my mind as I research colleges that may realistically accept me. The average HS GPA of USMMA undergraduates is 3.60, the average Verbal SAT scores around 600, and the average Math SAT scores around 620. As much as I'd love to go to KP, I don't I'm qualified. I have a 3.35 GPA, 600 Verbal SAT, 550 Math SAT, and I'm 44th out of around 270 in my class.

Should I bother applying, and, if I'm not qualified, is there anything I can do to increase my chances of acceptance?

EDIT: Ok, so obviously no one is going to say 'no, don't bother'. I guess it would just be nice to hear what SA graduates' high school transcripts and SAT scores were like. I know I can always visit the aforementioned sites for generalizations, but specific cases are also helpful. Thanks in advance.
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There is really no way anyone can answer that question for you. The only advice we can offer is to continue to improve your scores and to keep all options open (prep, college for a year, etc.).

This is probably not the answer you were looking for, but if there were a specific set of criteria necessary for admissions there would be no admissions board.

I'm sorry but this is really the best information we can provide. If others want to chime in with more specific information feel free.

Just remember those are averages.. some are above, and some are below... The academies take a look at the whole person, so you may have something that they think would be a positive for the academy. The only way that you'll know for sure is to apply.
If KP is what you want then apply! Apply with confidence and gusto! Look -- both your SAT's are above 600 and you are in the top 20% of your class. If you are a leader in your school, community or athletic team and you are a varisty athlete then go ahead! Get going time's a wasting!

There a many factors considered - strength of high school schedule, quality of extra curricular's etc...... desire counts! So if this is what you REALLY want - get moving! It is impossible to predict outcome but the greatest thing about our service academies is you will get a fair shot. If you need a year of prep school, so be it. Go for it!!! We are here to help and support you every step of the way! :thumb:
The reason why you won’t hear an “oh geez, we don’t think you should apply” reply here is because there is much hope held here for you. We’re not with admissions. We can’t conclude that you’ll get in. We can tell you that there are indeed kids at academies who had lower end scores. My son included. His weakness? Yep - Math. He’s in his 3rd year at KP. Other things play a part in gaining appointments. Leadership & proven dedication along with a strong commitment to serving our country play a large part as well. What state you’re in & how competitive it is stuck in there too.

Never say you’re not good enough because you just can’t know that! Get some tutoring & re-take that SAT along with the ACT, keep your grades up as high as you can get them, get yourself into some good leadership positions. Start running & working out. There are many paths in getting an appointment. If they deem your math is low, they may very well offer you that year of prep school. Gotta be willing to take it if offered. Its golden. Find a little bulldog attitude & go get what you want. Many kids fight, bite & claw their way in. Be one of them!

Apply, apply, apply!
Jamzmom - I knew you would come through!! :wink:

mpayne - she is in the "know" - listen to her, she is a great KP Mom!:thumb:
Thanks for the quick replies. I guess I will apply, although I'll probably have to retake SATs first.
You may also consider taking the ACT - my S scored significantly higher on the ACT vs the SAT. Also, not sure what year you are in - if you are a senior you have a lot of work to do in that congressional nomination applications are ususally due between oct and nov of the senior year. If you are a junior consider taking a ACT/SAT class from Princeton review or Kaplan if you can afford the cost. both my S and D improved their scores with the training. Last, if you are really interested then make arrangements to visit the campus - a visit means a lot to admissions and first impressions count. good luck.
Athlete, Eagle Scout, National Honor Society, etc. Find everything positive. Show improving grades in your senior year.
I thought you'd all like to know that I ended up applying for the ROTC scholarship and haven't applied to any service academies. Really all the benefits of a service academy that I was interested in - getting out of college debt free, graduating as an officer - are still there, and I'd rather be in a more familiar environment.

Thanks for all the help anyway, I appreciate it.