1. H

    Will we be able to send letters at beast?

    I know that are time for writing will be very limited, but will we be able to send letters at beast?
  2. D

    R-Day and Beast for class of 2025

    Hi all! I’m wondering if anyone knows the dates of R-day and Beast for the class of 2025. I have a school trip sometime in June and I am really hoping that the two wouldn’t conflict as it would be my last chance to go on this trip, seeing as how it was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. My...
  3. birdwatcher4125

    Uniform patches for Cadet Basic Training

    Greetings to all, My DS and I were reviewing what was left to buy for his BEAST packing list when we realized that we hadn't ordered his extra uniform patches yet. Well, we tried to access the recommended uniform website (, but the website appears to be no-more...
  4. J

    Expenses for applicants

    What kind of expenses can a new applicant expect throughout the application process and after being potentially accepted? I know of some of them like the $12 fee for sending SAT and ACT scores, but about how much did the whole process for accepted cadet candidates cost? I have a minimum wage job...
  5. B

    Best Boots for Beast

    Hi, I am currently deciding between the Garmont t8 Bifida and the Khyber II tr550 for Beast Barracks. What are the pros and cons of both boots regarding durability, fit, water resistance, drying, weight and quality? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  6. S

    Suggested Items for females during beast

    Hello, I am writing this as a plebe. I just finished beast and I remembered all the struggles I went through as a cadet candidate looking through these forums. Here is a thing of things I recommend. (the beginning is geared towards girls) Things to remember: During beast you will be issued...
  7. StonewallSisk

    Court Shoes

    So we have to get mostly white court shoes for BEAST training with full-grain or synthetic leather. How strict are they on this? Would the Nike Metcons work or would the other pair be best. Nike Metcon Nike Court...
  8. W

    CBT Prep 2022

    Congratulations to everyone who had their acceptance show up on their portal today and accepted it making it official, like myself. Now for the hard part, preparing for beast! Does anyone have any preparation tips to help get ready and calm the new found nervousness? I know there's always the...
  9. J

    Beast BCG's

    I have fairly good vision and rarely wear glasses or contacts and can see perfectly fine without them. However, my vision is one eye is weaker than the other. Therefore I will be issued BCG's during beast. Will I be required to wear them or will it be optional throughout CBT?
  10. P

    Mail for New Cadets

    Hi all, I have a close friend who just started Beast today. I'm wondering when I send him mail, will he have access to envelopes,stamps, etc. or should I send him some of those to make it easier for him? Thanks for all the help!
  11. M


    Hello, I have a question for some female cadets, (current or previous). I have been looking into some options for birth control and want to take into account some advice from those who have stood in my place before me. I know that Beast is difficult for most girls considering their periods and...