1. gonavy__

    CVW as a Senior?

    I’m still waiting on my decision for USNA and had attended NASS, but I still would like to visit again. Is it possible to go to a CVW as a senior or is it restricted to juniors only? If yes, would anyone recommend going to a CVW or a general tour? Thank you!
  2. T

    CVW how to get invited

    I recently went to an info night for USNA near where i live. My regional admissions representative was there and another admissions rep for another region was helping too. They mentioned the CVW and i was wondering how to get invited because i would love to visit USNA. I am applying in the...
  3. wonky_walter

    Snacks for CVW

    Hello all, I’ll be heading up to the Academy later this week for CVW. I have read that it is common practice (or appreciated) for the drag to bring snacks for their plebe. I plan to bring a small assorted set of candies/chocolates; nothing too messy. Any other suggestions you may have that I...
  4. A

    What does CVW look like? Snacks?

    Hello all, I hope you are doing well. I am here to inquire about CVW. From those that have attended or have DD/DS that have: what should I expect outside from CVW of what is listed on the website? ( Out of curiosity, how are the midshipmen that take students...
  5. H

    Significance of Candidate Visit Weekend Invite?

    Hello good people of the Service Academy Forms, I just received an invitation to Candidate Visit Weekend weekend, and I’m trying to decide how to proceed. Baseline facts: Attended Summer Seminar USNA is my #1 choice I feel like I know enough about what I’m getting myself into to go to USNA...
  6. S

    USNA’s CVW and NASS

    I recently had the honor of being invited to CVW. I didn’t give Admissions any info about myself other than my NASS application. Does this mean I wasn’t accepted into NASS because I’ve heard you can’t attend both.
  7. Tom Nicholas

    Candidate Visit Weekend (CVW) Review

    Hello Everyone, Our son completed a CVW this weekend. There were maybe 50-60 other student-candidates also attending. Our son's Mid was sharp, welcoming, shared a bunch of great info, and introduced him to many more Mids. He is a humanities major, history I think; which is somewhat rare...
  8. FØB Zero

    CVW is school?

    I was offered a CVW but I am drowning with my senior year academics. Is it wise that I declined so I could focus on school? Will this appear that I am uninterested to admissions?
  9. J

    Candidate Visit Weekend Rescinded - Thoughts?

    Hi all - I have a question for the son was invited to a candidate visit back in March but then had the visit rescinded as he was also invited to summer seminar. Via e-mail, the administration office indicated that even though his candidate visit would be given to someone who was not...
  10. S

    CVW - Its happening!

    I received my email today that I am confirmed for CVW and I literally felt like break-dancing. Very excited to go and my teachers and football coach are also very happy for me. I am blown away at the support my school is giving me for my candidacy. But I have a question - I also got a "nudge"...
  11. hbrady

    CVW advice from a recent drag

    About a month ago I was fortunate enough to attend a CVW at the Naval academy. It was such an amazing experience, and it assured me that USNA is where I want to go. Before CVW, I searched everywhere for information about what to wear to CVW (as a female), and I found next to nothing. I decided...
  12. DeploymentDiatribes

    CVW Items to bring

    I know this information must be somewhere in the forums, but I've spent an hour searching and reading posts and can't find anything other than that he won't need PT gear or a swimsuit. Is it helpful for him to have his laptop for class time? A notebook and pencil? Thanks in advance. Erin
  13. USNAismyplace

    CVW Schedule

    I am attending CVW January 25th to 27th, and I was wondering what the schedule for the visit is like. I know that I will be "dragged" by a current plebe, and I am so excited! In terms of my schedule though, all I know from my CVW email and the online information is the check-in and check-out...
  14. N

    4/20-22 CVW

    Son is landing in BWI early morning on 4/20 to attend CVW. Anyone interested in sharing a shuttle to Annapolis? Also any suggestions for things to do in the city since check in is not until 5:15pm. Thank you
  15. ktnatalk

    January Candidate Visit Weekend

    For those who attended CVW (parents and candidates), especially those departed this morning, how was your experience? What do you think when you see the firsties wearing their future uniforms based on their service selection on "warrior friday", and soon to be SWOs even wearing the ballcap of...
  16. M

    CVW September 15-17

    Hi. My daughter will be attending the CVW September 15-17. She will be flying into BWI and we won't be going with her. Anyone here also going that weekend? We are looking at a shuttle service called "Annapolis Airport Shuttle". Is anyone familiar with that company? Thanks!
  17. M


    Hi. My daughter responded to her CVW invitation a little late, August 7. She requested the weekend of September 15-17. It's been 10 business days and no word. She checked her spam also. Has anyone received notice that that weekend was full? We're trying to think about travel plans. Thanks!
  18. A

    CVW Confirmation

    I was invited to the September CVW for the USNA. I filled out the questionaire but still have not recieved a confirmation. The email said not to contact admissions until 10 days after recieving the initial invitation, but it has been 9 days and spots are limited. Has anyone else had this problem?
  19. D

    What does Junior year CVW mean?

    I got invited to the CVW back in February. I went, and my passion to attend the Academy grew. I was just curious, is there a chance I will be chosen as a Candidate come July, considering I was already invited to attend the CVW?
  20. ktnatalk

    CVW 24-26 March 2016

    Happy Easter! Is any candidate or appointee who went to CVW this past weekend willing to share your experience? Did it meet your expectations of life in Annapolis? Has it confirmed your desire to attend?