What is a good SAT/SAT-E score?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by AH2299, Nov 21, 2015.

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    I am wondering what is a good SAT/SAT-E score for RSS/OML AFROTC?

    What was the average SAT/SAT-E for previous years?
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    higher is better
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    :lolatyou: Clarksonarmy = Captain Obvious

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    I thought this was recently addressed...it was.
    Here is the link, if you forgot.

    I get your concern, but asking what was last years avg will not help you. The 400s in you unit were hit hard. They had a selection rate of 58% overall, the year before it was 93%, and the year after was 88% (?). Nobody knows what will be the number of cadets attending and the number submitting will be for this year.

    In that link the biggie is going to be your CoC ranking, and they may not give a hoot when ranking you about your HS SAT. They may decide ranking comes down to your cgpa, PFT, and participation.
    ~ If they(CoC) do, than your cgpa and PFT can be seen as a double whammy. The CoC uses it for their ranking, and the OML selection uses it too. The cgpa and SAT/AFOQT are almost equal for the scoring, but the CoCs ranking is 50%.

    Not going to want to hear this, but most CoCs do end of semester sit downs with every cadet. This is the time to ask questions. Looking at that link, you have a 2.8 as a non-tech major. Ask how that is going to impact you, especially for ranking. 2.8 at your school can be seen as competitive, or it can be seen as struggling.
    ~ IE Timbucktoo U with a 2.8 is probably struggling alot. 2.8 at Harvard, not so much.

    I get the fear/anxiety, but you need to talk to your unit, and not look here, because when 50% of the score is ranking, and 35% is for CPA/SAT, before discussing the edge for tech majors, this is all for naught.

    Best thoughts, hopes and wishes. Remember my opinion and 2.07 can get you a small cup of coffee. IOWS nothing. Your CoCs otoh is worth a lot.
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