What makes the navy unique

Before we break out the popcorn as the witty posts fly, @Swimmer14, I recommend going to all the Service websites and looking at missions, career fields, warfare platforms (ships, subs, tanks, aircraft...) to get a feel for how the Services work separately and jointly. Google "(Service name) officer career paths."

The Navy does most of its work on, in, above, below and projecting forward from the sea.

All the Services are united by a shared sense of family, and as within any family, there is a lot of internal kidding around about stereotypes, traditions and cultural differences.

The Navy does not like to march and cheerfully concedes bragging rights on that to others.

The Department of the Navy is fortunate to have two separate Services: the Navy and the Marine Corps. Neither are part of the other, both are part of the same Department, but many of their missions are closely intertwined. Do not ever say the Marine Corps is part of the Navy.

No one ever seems to say "...cusses/drinks/fights like (any other Service person but Navy)..."
I never served in the military, but I had ancestors that did. I consider the Navy special because of the special nature of its history. Standing armies were frowned upon by our founding fathers. But a navy is to protect the sea and sea lanes for all. Except for the coastal areas, no one owns the seas. The navy serves to protect it for all, not to occupy lands, whether it's ours or theirs.