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Jul 9, 2006
My daughter has her Golden Ticket!! :thumb:

West Point has offered my daughter a chance to go to Marion Military Institute in Alabama for one year.
After successful completion of their program she will be offered an appointment to West Point for the Class of 2012.

Exciting times ahead for sure!

One year ago - she thought this would have been impossible. We pretty much knew she would not be found medically qualified. She (thanks to much sound advice from RetNavyHM) received her waiver from West Point in early March.
She was told by many people that she would never get in to West Point - from teachers to Army recruiters -
Her advice from her parents was - if you never try then you will never know.
She applied, got her nomination, got her waiver and will get a year of prep.

Many thanks to all you who have provided encouragement and support over these past months. Yippee!!!
That is FANTASTIC!! Congratulations to her and your family!:thumb:
I have never met ANYONE who didn't think that a year of prep was the best thing that ever happened to them. A few needed a little extra convincing to get there, but by mid year, they were fully on board. Congratulations.!!!!

Congratulations to you, your daughter and your family. She has what it takes to succeed!

:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
Way to go, Saro! Another poster child for dreaming, diligence, hard work, and staying the course when all others said, "you're nuts."

Now, of course, when we are toasting each other at the 2008 Army-Navy game, you'll understand when I tell you same! :confused:

GO GOATS! Whoop WOOPS! :cool:

Congrats again!!!!

Sorry I haven't been here too much lately. Congratulations to your daughter, and entire family. I'll look forward to hearing her stories.

My son's road to West Point went through Marion Military Institute for the 2006-2007 school year. He reports on R-Day this July for the Class of 2011. His expereince at Marion was a good one and he has about 20 friends that will start with him on July 2nd, which has to be a huge advantage. The faculty at Marion was first rate! Congratulations again...
Thank everyone for all your well wishes --
Sometimes things don't work out the way one hopes however, so she is, as of today, going to use 4-year ROTC scholarship. She had gone from "We want you to go here - do you want this" to "sorry, we don't have room for you" - in a month or so. Oh well, not the end of the world by any means.

Disappointing for sure however, it does work out better financially and there are other benefits as well. She also will actually be a part of the Army. She will get to participate in Army training etc. - Her admissions officer is very pleased with her plan B - AROTC as her back up plan, and she certainly is on his radar.
While she doesn't have the "It's yours to lose" admission "guarantee" she still has an excellent opportunity and an excellent shot next year.
So here we go again! Hopefully, class of 2012!
After visiting AROTC programs at two state schools, I can understand her decision to go Army ROTC. Congratulations! I admire her decision making ability!!
I may be doing the same thing. My medical has taken way to long and all we are waiting on is the USMA doctors to review my feet. However, Army ROTC has already waived that, and should waive the other stuff that USMA already has. I'm not sure if I wil recieve an appointment this year, so it looks like I'll take my scholarship for AROTC and go do that for a year and then re-apply! Good luck to your daughter!
I recieved my appointment today!!! My congressmen called to tell me!!! Thanks to RetNavy and everyone else on this site who has always been their to tell us that their is always a chance!! For anyone who is still waiting-- don't give up hope. When you least expect it things often work out. Thanks everyone!!
Congratulations!!! I can't imagine how relieved you must be!! I will see you July 2nd!
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