Will I get an Army ROTC Scholarship?

Do you think I will be accepted with this current resume?

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Jun 21, 2020
Hey Everyone,
I am a rising senior in high school, and I was hoping you all could give me some insight into my chances of being offered an Army ROTC Scholarship.

I scored 1410 on the SAT (I plan to retake it in September. I have been scoring 1450 or so on practice tests), I have a 3.82 cumulative GPA at a highly-ranked, rigorous private school, I will be the captain of the Varsity Men's Tennis Team (my school is only a 3A size, however), I am the captain of my schools Mock Trial Team, and I will have a job at Subway this summer if COVID-19 does not interfere.

For the Physical Fitness Assessment, I did not see a rubric for the 1-minute drills that are used for scholarship applications, but I tested myself using the 2-minute scoring system for current ROTC cadets. I got a 100 for push-ups (2-minutes/71+ reps), a 74 for sit-ups (2-minutes/62 reps), and a 72 for the 2-mile run (15:00 minutes). I think I am in good physical shape as is, but I definitely hope to improve these scores over the summer! I am somewhat concerned about my weight. I am 5'8" or 5'9", but I only weigh 130-135 lbs; is this a problem?

Also, I have mild to moderate red-green color blindness, but from what I can tell, this won't be an issue for the Army like it would be for the Air Force or Navy. I wear glasses with a pretty mild correction, and I can see passably without them.

So, what do you guys think about my acceptance odds?
If there is any part of my application that I need to improve, I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism you have!

Thank you!
Apr 19, 2018
SAL- Student Athlete Leader, is the grading criteria. You must be strong in all 3 to get a 4 year scholarship.
S- good to go
A-marginal. What other sports besides tennis do you play? How many years on varsity tennis? You need to improve your situps and run.
L- captain of the tennis team is good. What ither leadership positions in clubs etc have you done? Eagle Scout? Boys State? Class president?

4 year winners are strong across the board.


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Dec 21, 2017
I would also strongly recommend Boys State. It fills some gaps in your resume and is a neat program that isn't overly time consuming.

For your height and weight
The minimum weight is in the 120s.

The sit ups shouldn't be too hard to max for someone fit like you. That should be an easy fix. The push ups will be much harder. When you are doing them for your PT test the standard is really strict. Make sure you watch videos and get the form perfect.

The reason that tennis and other individual sports aren't as beneficial is because of the team component. But being a captain will look very good on your resume. Maybe you can lead your tennis team in instructing younger children in an intro clinic, something that shows leadership.

Of course Khan Academy is something you're probably using, and it really does work, but your SAT is solid.

Good luck! As you're looking at schools remember that ROTC covers tuition OR room and board but many schools will pay for room and board if you are on an ROTC scholarship.


Dec 13, 2019
Don't play the stats comparison game - it will drive you nuts. There will be people with stats lower than yours that get scholarships and some with seemingly better stats than you won't. Best advice I can give is to listen to what Montana State ROTC tells you. He's guided me along my journey to ROTC - I start my Freshman year in the fall, and he's never been wrong. If you listen to him and focus on areas to improve you will do way. One piece of advice I have seen him give is to delay transmitting your application until you have an application that has the best chance of success. If that means waiting until the 3rd Board - wait.