1. J

    ROTC chances?

    I am a sophomore in highscool and thinking of applying for the nrotc scholarship after highschool. What do I need to do to raise my chances of being accepted? I have: - 3.92 average GPA - I haven't taken the sat yet but my psat cumulative score was 1170 - one year of freshman basketball - one...
  2. 5Day

    Boot Camp for Enlisted to Complete USMA Application

    Under pilot program, enlisted soldiers can apply to West Point in one day
  3. beck8

    Major Selection on AROTC Application

    I am looking at changing my major on my application portal for AROTC to a different major than I previously listed. However, I was wondering if this would make me appear "uncertain" or "wishy washy," since I have already changed it once before. Can cadet command see how many times I've changed...
  4. N

    Hearing Waivers?

    I completed my application and DODmerb around mid-December. However I failed the hearing exam - I've had minor hearing loss since I was about 5. It's not that big of an issue, as I have gotten great grades and excelled in school (ranked 6 of 331). My SATs were average- 1250 2 part 690 M, 560...
  5. J

    USNA Application

    Hi everyone, I am currently a junior at a small private school, and I really want to go to USNA to become a naval aviator. My school actually has a rather large percent of students that apply to the academy and get in. A lot of USNA grads have come from my school relative to other schools around...