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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Jackandjill, Feb 10, 2016.

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    Feb 10, 2016
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    I am a sophomore in highscool and thinking of applying for the nrotc scholarship after highschool. What do I need to do to raise my chances of being accepted? I have:
    - 3.92 average GPA
    - I haven't taken the sat yet but my psat cumulative score was 1170
    - one year of freshman basketball
    - one year of jv cross country (plan on continuing through senior year)
    - one year of track (plan on continuing)
    - I am an active member in 3 clubs at my school but am not president, Vice President, etc.
    - currently almost 100 volunteer hours
    - taking honors courses and AP classes
    - I also tutor children
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)
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    Dec 21, 2011
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    You will need varsity letters and leadership, but I think you already know that. Your GPA is great, but you know that too. I don't know how the PSAT will transfer to the SAT/ACT, but maybe take a review class for the SAT just in case. I would say do what you enjoy...sports-wise, club-wise and the varsity letters and leadership positions should come. What's different about you? Why should the Navy want you? Don't mean to be snarky or mean, but what sets you apart?
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    I know with my kids (3), they each did a lot better in one vs the other ACT/SAT. So take both, take them early and don't be afraid to take prep courses/study and re-take. The extra $50 bucks you spend to take it one more time might make a huge difference scholarship wise. I know for my DD, she is set up fairly well with merit scholarships if she doesn't receive her ROTC scholarship. Good luck to you, you have a lot of time to improve your resume.
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    check with your school as some students are able to get 2 fee waivers for each test and have money in tutoring programs if you meet certain income eligibility and you then get 65 College board application fee waivers that easiest to use for Common application but they want you to mail the cert not just give them the number online... So make sure to apply early enough that mail can get there with the form.

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