1. Nilet

    TWE, Re-applying, AFROTC, and much more.

    All, The dreaded TWE - one of the worst feelings of an applicant's life. I should know, I received that same letter 2 years in a row. It wasn't until the third application I felt the bliss of the BFE. The Academy is not for everyone. AFROTC is a great option as well, I took two years of my...
  2. U

    class of 2020

    Hello, I've looked around and am failing to see the exact dates of when we have to report in this summer. I notice that its traditionally near the end of June, but does anyone have or know specific dates for this summer? Thank you.
  3. Maplerock

    No more Principal Nominations.

    It is time to eliminate principal nominations from Members of Congress. The subjective nature of them is grossly unfair to other applicants. It doesn’t eliminate the possibility of them gaining admission, but it surely restricts their path. If you search principal nomination (PNoms) on this...
  4. K

    Chicken or the Egg?

    (Help: moderator please move this to the appropriate thread.) Really stupid, stupid rookie question time... What comes first, a MOC Nom or an Appointment? Does one apply for and receive an Appointment then take that appointment to the MOC to make a strong case for the Nom? Or does one get a...
  5. P

    Any other Southern CA appointments?

    Hey everyone, im in district 31 here in Southern California and I accepted my appointment mast week. Anyone else in SoCal receive an appointment?
  6. G

    Class of 2020 Appointment?

    I received a call today from my Congressman congratulating and informing me that I will be receiving an offer of appointment within the next few days! One of my friends at a prep-school received the same news today as well. Has anyone else been tendered an offer?
  7. C

    OH accepted appointments

    Hello, who from Ohio has accepted their USMA appointment? 1. @ClimberGirl 2. @takeachance
  8. V

    Parental Consent

    Hey everyone, I'm a candidate for the USAFA, USNA, and USMA (I received a nomination for the USMA). So far, everything has been flowing smoothly, however there is one major hiccup that I'm running into. I know that, should I receive an appointment, I would need to have a parental consent form...
  9. sonsofapollo

    Appointed - Next Step?

    I recently received an offer of appointment to USNA. My CIS portal now has a link to read a document for upcoming plebes and a link that says "accept offer." I was wondering: does anyone know what happens if you press the link? Are there further prompts with confirmations and more info or does...