1. W

    Appointment CO 23' Thread

    Hi! I received an appointment to USAFA this past Wednesday(2/20)! MA 07. Going to accept. USNAPS and USMA appointee as well. Keep it going!
  2. S

    New here! What does DD and DS stand for?

    my daughter just got an appointment to the AF academy Wednesday and I wanted to update the appointment thread but I have no idea what DD or DS stands for. I’m sorry! Will someone please explain? Thank you!
  3. S

    Timeframe for Admissions Decision

    Hello, I am applying to USNA class of 2023. I finished my application very early back in October. Unfortunately the rep in my district and my senators have a later nomination period. I received nominations from my rep and a senator late last year. Both of the nominations showed up on my portal...
  4. K

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Just received my nomination to USMA from Jay Inslee (WA-01)! Now the wait.... Anyone else hear from Washington?!
  5. Z

    IT and Cyber Security Trade School

    Hello all, this will be my first post here, I've been interested in the Naval Academy since February of last year, for a multitude of reasons that others before me have had, but another reason that I believe is special to me. The Cyber Operations Major. Since November last year, I decided...
  6. H

    Have 2 Noms but still nervous

    Hi, Last week I received the amazing news that I received two nominations from my MOC for USAFA. I live in Mississippi, one is from my senator and one from my congressmen. I finished up my application a month ago, and am 3Q. My family and school faculty are congratulating me heavily because I...
  7. C

    Notification Date?

    Although it's still early in April, should we be expecting an answer within the next week? I am still on HOLD as of right now. I'm a recruited athlete so I am pretty confident, but at this point I know anything can happen! Trying to stay positive.
  8. P

    Chances of getting in?

    Hi, I am a junior in high school and USAFA is my top school. I wanted to know what you all think my chances of getting in are based on my profile. I hold leadership positions, decent academics, but I lack in athletics. -3.82 gpa unweighted/4.7 weighted -psat of 1260 without studying, projected...
  9. E

    Accepted but no BFE?

    A little over a week ago I received emails, phone calls, and letters from both of my congressmen that nominated me saying I was receiving an appointment to the Naval Academy. A few days after that I got the official email from the school and have already accepted the offer. However, I have not...
  10. A

    Lots of BFEs

    Reading through the forum it seems like tomorrow (2/26) is the start of lots of BFEs getting sent out. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If true, I hope mine comes soon, the waiting game isn’t fun haha.
  11. J

    Rolling Admission

    How does USAFA admissions or evaluation committee determine who gets appointments first? Does it matter when you get your nomination or when your application is due?
  12. cama93

    When will I receive my appointment?

    Hi everyone, Today I received a congratulatory call from my MOC and she told me that I was accepted to USAFA. However, I checked my portal and there are no updates. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so, how long did it take for your portal to be updated? I want to see my appointment for...
  13. I

    Wait List/TWE last year to Appointment this year

    It was suggested that I share my experience as a college re-applicant and some lessons I have learned along the way. Considering how much this forum has helped me keep my sanity during this process, I hope this can help some people who are currently CRP or who may receive a TWE. I am going to...
  14. C

    I know it is pretty late in the game, but can anyone gauge my chances?

    Here are my Statistics: Testing & Academics SAT: Math-630 English 650 Never taken the ACT GPA: 4.0273 Rank: 4 out of 88 Athletics Varsity Soccer- 4 years, 3 years Captain, 2 years lettered NC All-Conference Indoor Track- 1 year Coastal United Soccer Club- 2 years, 2 years captain Indoor...
  15. J

    When should I find out?

    I completed my application on December 1, 2017 and my application deadline was December 15th. I received my nomination a little over two weeks ago. A friend from the area has already been offered an appointment and accepted. I was wondering if I would find out soon because I had my application...
  16. A

    Hearing back about appointment

    I’m class of 2022 and will be patiently waiting to hear back about appointment (hopefully) within the next few months. I know I am a very “average” candidate in terms of the applicant pool as a whole and I was wondering if West Point will inform me if I will not be receiving appointment? I know...
  17. X

    How Competitive is My State?

    Hey all, I live in Washington state and have been searching through these forums to see if anybody has posted news about the USAFA appointments here. So far I haven't seen anybody say anything about Washington, I'm just an eager candidate trying to gauge my competitiveness in my state. Also, I...
  18. K

    Appointment Offer

    I just got a call from MOC (CA) informing me of my offer of appointment! Anyone else hear the good news?
  19. amc

    How many times did you apply for USNA before getting an appointment?

    I am a high school student and am very interested in attending USNA. I know that it is very competitive, and was wondering how many times it took you to get an appointment. I was also wondering how many times it took to get a nomination. Thanks!
  20. P

    Any Advice?

    Just graduated high school yesterday and I will be applying for the Academy this Fall while I am attending CU Boulder (Studying chem and bio engineering and doing AFROTC along with other activities). I started my application and received a nomination last year, but did not finish the application...