1. P

    Reapplying in college

    Last year I started (but did not complete) the application for USAFA class of 2021. This Fall I will be going to CU Boulder for engineering and applying for USAFA class of 2022. Last year I received a nomination from my local Rep. My stats are: GPA 3.6UW/4.0W, ACT 32, SAT 1330, 4 years club...
  2. J


    Hey, I was wondering what I should do. My family is friends with An Admiral in the U.S. Navy, and I really want to go to the Naval Academy. During my interview should I mention that I am friends with him should I put it on my application, and should I ask him if he has any advice on getting into...
  3. S

    Is accepting your appointment absolute?

    I recently received my appointment and medical wavier to the USAFA, but am still waiting to hear from West Point (my first choice). USMA's decision deadline is May 1, so they are still processing my waiver and my admissions decision. Since USAFA's deadline is this Saturday, I don't want to rule...
  4. N

    USNA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Our son is 3Q'd and has his congressional nomination. 3 out of 5 classmates received denial letters from USNA on March 16th. Our DS has had no change in his status. The waiting game is tough! Not feeling good at this late day - April 7th already. How many in California have been appointed by...
  5. F

    Does USAFA send anything through the mail?

    I just received an appointment from the AFA (so excited!), and I found out through the portal. Will I be receiving anything in the mail, similar to the BFE from Army? Just curious if I should be watching the mail. Thanks so much!
  6. T

    Types of Appointments?

    Is it normal to receive an electronic appointment or is it more normal to get offered an appointment by your Blue and Gold Officer? Just curious...
  7. M


    I know a couple weeks ago USMA sent out about 500 letters of appointments. I was wondering if anyone has any idea when the next round might come out?
  8. U

    CFA's weight in application

    Hello, is there any chance of being offered an appointment if every aspect of the application is extremely strong (4.0 gpa, 30 ACT, president of NHS, officer of SADD club, Officer of Peer Leaders, Yearbook editor, science team member, Cross country and Track all 4 years, good letters of rec...
  9. P

    Rolling Admission Disadvantage?

    Appointments start coming out between early February-April if I am correct. Given that my onine application deadline is January 29th, would that put be behind in acceptance letters given people that had their deadline due in November of 2016? Would they read all applications before sending out...
  10. U

    How competitive am I for an appointment to NAPS?

    Hello, after speaking to my Blue and Gold officer, he believes I am pretty competitive for an appointment to USNA, and is almost positive that if I were denied, I would receive an appointment to NAPS, but I want to hear what other people think. I currently go to a magnet high school, I am in the...
  11. LJ-USAF-22

    How much will one Semester of Grades slipping hurt me?

    I am Junior in November of semester 1 and have hit a bit of a rough patch in comparison to my prior success in high school. With this being said my academic setback has been backed up with being a Flight Sergeant in my Civil Air Patrol Squadron and Wing Encampment, Starting and running a new...
  12. sbbm9901

    Drink from the well, replenish the well.

    Good Afternoon! I am finally taking the plunge and joining this great forum. As my title implies, and stolen from TWD, we have used this forum extensively on this journey to get my DS an appointment to West Point. He received and happily accepted his appointment last week for the Class of 2021...
  13. H

    Letter of Appointment

    Hi everyone, I looked everywhere on this forum, but couldn't find an answer to this question. I was wondering when I will receive a Letter of Appointment, given that I received an LOA, a nomination, and my medicals are cleared. Would I receive my letter at the same time as others? Or are these...
  14. N

    What are my chances at appointment?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on if I have a chance and possibly some tips on improving my application. My GPA is a 4.44 weighted, class rank 11/402, SAT 1310, and ACT 30. I have taken up to Latin 4 and I took AP Bio and AP English Language last year and this...
  15. HoroshaAK

    Nominations vs. Appointments

    Hopefully I am not breaking any unknown rules posting on here for the first time so I'll keep this as simple as I can. Currently, I am a senior in high school preparing for entering the USNA in 2017 (class of 2021). I have already become a candidate for consideration and am in the official...
  16. USNA.hopeful

    Will I get appointed to USNA?

    It is my dream to attend the Naval Academy. I want to be the best officer I can be. I am extremely determined. For football I lost 70 pounds in three months to move from defensive line to linebacker, and I want to be a SEAL. I am still nervous about getting accepted obviously. I want your input...
  17. S

    Chances at securing appointment

    I am currently a junior in high school, I take 2 AP classes and 2 honors, I have a 4.3 gpa and have averaged a 4.0 since my freshman year, I have been elected onto my school's student government every year since the start of middle school, as a freshman I sang for the president with my honor...
  18. P

    International Candidate for Admission

    Hi, I'm new here and currently I'm an International Candidate for Admission. Two weeks ago I was contacted by the admissions officer and was told to send immunization record, color vision testing and dental records. Is that a good sign? Or they require that for everybody before considering the...
  19. MilitaryBrat451

    Running out of time.

    hello, so I am currently a class of 2020 hopeful and I'm in a bit of predicament. So currently I am waiting to hear back from USAFA . I finished my application mid November and have not heard anything. However, I have heard back from West Point. They offered me an appointment in early February...
  20. Z

    Appointed without Nomination?

    So I applied to USMMA and didn't receive a nomination so I wasn't expecting to receive an appointment but I guess I did? How is this possible?