1. N

    Can't decide between USNA and USAFA

    Hello all. I'm currently a sophomore in high school and during my first semester I learned about the service academies. I first learned about USAFA and was already set on going there to be a pilot (like everyone else lol). I then learned about the USNA and have always kinda had a draw to the...
  2. ChickenNuggets

    Different Commissioning Sources for Aviation

    I was just now viewing the webpage of the NROTC unit at Kennesaw State University. On their NROTC page it says quote; "OCS, NROTC, and USNA all commission 1000 officers per year. Each commissioning source has the same number of billets for all communities. You have an equal chance of gaining...
  3. S

    Can I get Naval/Marine Officer flight surgeon to do my eye exam or even entire flight medical as a civilian before applying?

    I am looking to become an officer in the USMC and apply for an air contract when I do it. I am somewhat familiar with the process. However, I don’t want to get to flight school and be medically disqualified like some people have that I have heard of by other officers/officer candidates and...
  4. pixeleater

    [NROTC] Is Spherical Equivalent used to determine eligibility for aviation?

    I was browsing airwarriors.com and read this post: https://www.airwarriors.com/community/threads/the-eyes-have-it-all-things-vision-related.8968/post-1103100 and it has gotten me worried about my eligibility for aviation in NROTC. Is spherical equivalent used to determine if your eye sight is...
  5. C

    Intentionally Not Getting an EA for AFROTC

    Some background info: -I'm currently an AS200 Cadet in FTP year on a Type 7 Scholarship (Tech major). -I want to fly. -When I got the scholarship for a tech degree, I was very interested in engineering, but after taking college courses in it I no longer feel like its for me -~3.2 GPA trending...
  6. FØB Zero

    What drove you to choose Naval Aviator vs AF Pilot (and vise versa) *as Officer*

    More aviation questions! :yay:
  7. FØB Zero

    Bio major relevance to pilot

    Howdy y’all, I am set on majoring in a biology branch no matter what route I take in the military. do any of you know how this will serve as beneficial to me in aviation? What about in the marine corps? I know the major and career I want are so different, but would like to pursue both. Thank you.
  8. K


    I am a HS senior and I want to fly in the military. To keep things simple I know that the Marine Corps has PLC and you can get a guaranteed aviation contract. I also know it is possible to get selected as a pilot with AFROTC. Is it possible to be in both at the same time and choose one before I...
  9. A

    School Recommendations for AROTC GTG ADO desiring Aviation

    I’m currently in the Army and have 2 years of college done. I’m looking to do Green to Gold (ADO) starting the fall semester of 2020. My immediate desire is to Branch Aviation, which I know most likely means I’d fly rotor wing, but my long term goal is to fly for FedEx. In order to best set...
  10. A

    Marine PLC Aviation Contract VS AFROTC

    I would like to be a pilot in the military. I will be starting at a university in a few months and I am trying to weigh my options. I am quite interested in AFROTC, but, I don't like the uncertainty of getting a pilot slot. A few weeks ago I found out about the Guaranteed pilot slot through USMC...
  11. W

    Aviation Opportunities at WP

    What are some of the fixed wing aircrafts or helos available to WP officers after graduation and how does that process work. I’m considering USNA and USAFA but I really want to go to WP but I can’t really find a lot of information about their avaiation processes within the academy or what...
  12. F

    Help on planning future path!! Enlist or Officer?

    Hello all, Im new to this website and decided to come in since I feel like this website can provide valuable information. A little bit on me, I am a recent college graduate with a business degree with a 3.1 gpa, not the best. During my freshmen year in college, I was in Army ROTC but left the...
  13. L

    Marine Corps Fighter Pilot

    I will be enrolling in NROTC in the fall with the hopes of one day becoming a fighter pilot. Flying jets is my biggest motivation, but, I chose the Navy because, put simply, I would prefer working elsewear in the Navy than in the Air Force, and because I have an all around better impression of...
  14. C

    AFROTC pilot slots

    Hi all, I just got accepted for a 4 year type 7 AFROTC scholarship. I am now deciding between AFROTC and AROTC, where I also have a 4 year scholarship. More than anything I want to be a pilot. From the research I have done so far AF is the way to go for that. I know I have to perform well in...
  15. S

    What do 67J's or 15A's typically major in?

    Hey guys! I'm currently a junior in high school aiming to be a 67J in the Army. The time to apply for college and deciding what I'll major in is coming up, and I honestly still don't know what to major in. All I want to do is fly for the military, and fly EMS helo's once I leave, but obviously...
  16. C

    Infantry vs. Aviation Officer (National Guard)

    Hello all, I am in high school and I hope to get my commission into the ARNG through ROTC in several years. While looking through MOS's and trying to get a feel for what I want my future to look like, I decided that I want to be as hands-on and in-the-field of a PL as is possible. I recognize...
  17. J

    PRK and Aviation

    Has anyone had experience with getting PRK then branching Aviation?
  18. Nbuck

    NROTC to becoming a pilot?

    I am a junior in high school in Massachusetts and I have been looking into Naval Aviation (pilot), wether fixed-wing or rotor, and I am just curious as to how tough it is to get a commission into aviation? I am not interested in USMC aviation and am open to AF aviation (through afrotc)...
  19. G

    NROTC Dilemma: Navy vs Marines

    So I will preface this by saying that I want to fly fixed wing aircraft for the Naval service (I know about the "needs of the Navy" but I want to make the decision that gives me the best chance at fixed-wing). I have opened my NROTC scholarship application and am having a difficult time choosing...
  20. ktnatalk

    Air Boss Welcomes USNA’s Future Naval Aviators

    Over 400 firsties from class of '17 to become naval aviators. http://usnatrident.blogspot.com/2017/02/air-boss-welcomes-usnas-future-naval.html