What do 67J's or 15A's typically major in?


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May 28, 2017
Hey guys! I'm currently a junior in high school aiming to be a 67J in the Army. The time to apply for college and deciding what I'll major in is coming up, and I honestly still don't know what to major in. All I want to do is fly for the military, and fly EMS helo's once I leave, but obviously that isn't a major. I've heard something in STEM may help my chances on getting branched into Medical Services, but I don't know what people who are looking to be pilots typically major in.
For the Army, your major does not matter. Your GPA is more important, as well as your SIFT score, results of your flight physical, where you fall on the order of merit list, and finally the needs of the Army.

For example, my brother is an Army Warrant Officer and flies UH-60s as a MedEvac pilot. He is only a high school graduate.
Just a FYI.

A 15A can be assigned to either a CAB or a MedEvac unit. a 67J will only be assigned MedEvac.

If you're looking at flying when you leave the Army, you may want to consider looking at WOFT, you will accrue more hours while you on your service obligation.