Help on planning future path!! Enlist or Officer?

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    Hello all, Im new to this website and decided to come in since I feel like this website can provide valuable information. A little bit on me, I am a recent college graduate with a business degree with a 3.1 gpa, not the best. During my freshmen year in college, I was in Army ROTC but left the program because I wanted to fly planes and unfortunately the Army did not have that option. I have been looking in going to Air Force OTS, Navy OCS, and Air National Guard OCS. I want to fly fixed wing planes, hopefully fighter jets but I won't mind flying transports or drones. Im not sure if my current package is competitive for any of these but I will try. If I get rejected, I may plan on enlisting in the Air National Guard, use tuition assistance so I can go to grad school. Once I finish grad school, I can apply to OTS with Air National Guard and grad school on my belt.
    The problem is, I am not sure if this is a good route to go. I do have a ppl but not sure how much that will help. My parents discourage enlisting and say that If I want to be an officer than I should go for that. My ultimate goal is to fly for the military.I have wanted to do this for a very Long time. I understand the road to flying for the military is long but I am willing to put in 1oo percent to achieve this goal. If someone can offer me advice, I would deeply appreciate it.
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    Looks like you and me share very similar goals. If your end goal is to fly for the military, then apply for ocs or ots. I might have to agree with your parents on the enlisting part.
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    Agree that enlisting is not a great choice if your goal is to fly.

    Don't neglect consideration for Marine OCS as well. They need pilots too.