1. S

    Embry Riddle NROTC vs USAFAPS

    I’m stuck between NROTC at ER and USAFAPS. I have two older siblings, one graduated from USNA and flying jets, another currently at USNA ‘24. My father also served 23 years Navy so it's a big influence. Does anyone have any advice or pros and cons about either one? Statistics? Academics...
  2. R


    Hello everyone, nice to meet you all. I'm very new to this- so please bear with me for a while. I am currently a 16 year old high school junior in Georgia going into the mechanical engineering field. As of now, I'm not actively trying to get into any military programs at the moment due to my...
  3. G

    USCGA Cadet Pay ?

    So I am hoping someone can clear this up for me. (Please forgive my ignorance, I only recently learned cadets are paid a stipend of sort.) So I have heard few conflicting things: * Cadets are paid a e-2 pay rate * Cadets are paid 35% of O-1 pay grade * other varied pay grades (are any of these...
  4. M

    USMA Admission Chances

    Hello there Ladies and Gents! I’m going into my senior year of high school in South Dakota this year and I have applied to the United States Military Academy at West Point. I’d like some advice on how my stats look/compare in my quest for getting an appointment. Thank you in advance for your...
  5. D


    When are cadets allowed to have a TV, if ever? (Not a big deal, just curious) Is it possible to double-major or earn a minor, potentially through Connecticut College? Does it depend on the major? (I realize it's highly unlikely, but just thought I would ask) Does a career in USCG allow for a...
  6. J

    Minuteman Scholarship & GI Bill Kicker

    Hi Everyone, I am an SMP CDT in the Army NG, and am receiving the minuteman scholarship for 2 years. I have only gone to ROTC Basic Camp, and not BCT or AIT. Am I eligible to receive the GI Bill kicker? Thank You.
  7. Marina

    Naval Sea Cadet Corps

    I know this isn't ROTC, but I couldn't find a place where it would fit into the correct category. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or insight on their experience in this. I'm really excited and I feel it will help me in all aspects. Thanks for any replies :)
  8. C

    ADSO and Branch Detail

    1) I know that with an ADSO you sign up for additional service to help get the branch you want. What are the best branches to ADSO for if you're an average cadet? 2) I know that Branch Detail also gets you your preferred branch in exchange for serving in another branch. What branches can you...
  9. G

    Chaplaincy through AROTC?

    Hello all, I'm an AROTC cadet studying English and Political science. I am strongly considering becoming an Army chaplain but was unsure if pursuing it through ROTC was a good idea. I have been told that it's better to direct commission as a chaplain rather than doing it through the Chaplain...
  10. A

    USMA Candidate Questionnaire 2019

    Hello, as you probably know, the USMA candidate questionnaire form opened today. I was planning on completing it ASAP, but I became unsure when I got to the sports and school activities section. I am planning on playing varsity baseball this spring, but tryouts haven't started yet. I am also...
  11. G

    Average GPA?

    Just wondering but does anyone know what the average high school unweighted and weighted gpa is for cadets? I know about 80% are in the top 20% of their class but does anyone know their actual high school gpa?
  12. M

    AFROTC Cadet Wing Commander Interview

    Hi all, Got selected to be interviewed for the CW/CC position for next semester. I was hoping if you had any advice and/or documents (OPLAN, handbook, insights) for me in preparation for the interview. If you are a POC, I'd appreciate what CW/CC can do to help the detachment run smoothly. If...
  13. jcgc745

    AROTC Waiver for ADHD and Adjustment Disorder?

    This is what it states so far: 28-Jun-18 Application Status Change Date 28-Jun-18 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system 28-Jun-18 Application Added 12-Jul-18 Actual date of exam 20-Aug-18 Date exam received at DoDMERB 20-Aug-18 Medical data entry 23-Aug-18 Date letter sent - Remedial(s)...
  14. sherrie

    Amazing Insight into the First Year at the Military Academies

    This video gave me amazing insight into the first year at the military academies. It shows all 4 and gives information about each one and what the cadets go through their first year. I learned so many new things and why they do what they do during the first year. Also, I thought after this...
  15. B

    VMI Cadet Ranks and Insignias?

    What are the order of ranks in the Corps of Cadets at the Virginia Military Institute from least to greatest and what do each of the insignias look like for each rank?? I am very eager to memorize the chain of command and ranks at VMI before I matriculate this fall. Also, what is the application...
  16. T

    Workout Plan for AROTC

    Hi, I will be entering AROTC this fall as a non-scholarship cadet. I'm trying to prepare for the fall; however, I cannot make a solid workout routine and end up doing sporadic and ineffective workouts. This is partially because I don't know how to tailor a workout to my needs and end up making...
  17. K

    USMA SLE Session 1 Accepted 2018

    Hey guys! For everyone that was accepted into SLE 2018 session 1 Congratulations! I wanted to make this thread so we could get to know each other and answer any questions that we may have. If you could please introduce yourself and say where your from that would be great, Thanks!
  18. J

    Apprehensive about the future

    Hello All, I am a sophomore cadet currently in AFROTC not on scholarship. I originally entered college on a 4 year technical scholarship, however, I ultimately decided that a technical degree was not in my best interest academically and dropped the scholarship just before the start of this...
  19. W


    From what I understand, after service academy graduates hit 20 years, they add the 4 years to their years of quality service. Under the new retirement system, is there any compensation for this, or do cadets not receive anything?
  20. K

    AFROTC - Saluting multiple cadet officers

    Greetings everyone, I have been a cadet basically for a few weeks. I'm from Puerto Rico and the program go started again last week after the hurricane. I was in this situation and I haven't found information in official manuals or handbooks. So before asking my flight commander about it I would...