1. B

    Citadel Scholarship Program 23-24

    Hi all, I just had a few clarifying questions about The Citadel’s scholarship process, for the Scholars, Honors, 1842 etc. Are these scholarships awarded on an early/regular board, similar to ROTC scholarships? Or are all applications submitted and results announced in the spring? I’ve read...
  2. 67charger383


    Hello, I am committed to The Citadel for the class of 2027. I was accepted to The Citadel and VMI but I chose the Citadel for multiple reasons including location and speaking to a few alumni. I am also registered for CSI. My dream is to be a officer in the Marines as a helicopter pilot, but...
  3. T

    How much sleep does an average SMC cadet get?

    Specifically VMI and Citadel, but I'm also curious about the other four too. Also, does your sleep schedule change over the weekends or summer training?
  4. T

    VMI or Citadel? Psych major and USMC Commission

    Hey yall, I'm a current senior looking to major in psychology and commission into the Marines, and I have several questions on how to decide between the two. I've been browsing the forums, but most of the posts I've run into are for AROTC commissions which don't really help me that much. As...
  5. C

    Citadel Knob Year Leave

    Hello all, this is my first post on here after lurking for over 3 years. I am a current high school senior that will be graduating this June and my current plan is to attend the Citadel on a NROTC-MO scholarship. I haven’t finalized anything yet, though. I would like some insight on how...
  6. T

    Why do so many Marines graduate from the Citadel?

    Exactly as the title says. What makes the Citadel, compared to the other SMAs or ROTC programs, so appealing to Marine prospects? If you're a Marine officer who graduated from the Citadel, did you notice a large amount of your peers (who weren't in any Marine-specific classes) also going into...
  7. C

    SMP Cadet Transfer?

    Is it possible for an SMP cadet to transfer to another school? I will be in in the Indiana guard soon, and I plan on attending a local school for my freshman year, after which I plan to apply for the USMA. But if this doesn't work out, I'm interested to know, is it possible for me to transfer to...
  8. S

    Where Your Story Begins | Our Mighty Citadel

  9. T

    Am I Making a Mistake

    Hey, I’m a student that was accepted to two SMC’s but didn’t achieve the scholarship because of lower PT scores. Since denial, I’ve worked on and continue to make progress on improving in this category. As of right now, I’ve been accepted into my state scholar’s college with more than a full...
  10. N

    Declined a ARTOC Scholarship, but still wants to be a Officer in the Army

    Hello! I recently was declined an AROTC 2019-2020 scholarship from the third board. My first choice school is The Citadel and is basically my only choice. I knew I wasnt probably going to get the 4yr but had hopes of a 3yr. I will be attending The Citadel this upcoming fall 2019 and want a...
  11. T

    The Citadel Application Process

    Hello Everyone, I was notified today that I was medically accepted to The Citadel and I plan to enroll in the fall. I wanted to know if there was any technical difference with The Citadels' medical acceptance standards compared to the DoDMERB in regards to what is waived and what is not. For...
  12. 1842

    Citadel Class of 2022 Profile

    Citadel Class of 2022 SAT, GPA, demographic breakdown.
  13. Pololive5

    VMI vs Citadel

    I was recently accepted into both schools an am having a bit of trouble deciding between the two. Both schools have some big and little advantages over the other. I contacted both ROOs and both said I was competitive for a 3 year AROTC scholarship. My Father said that he is willing to give me...
  14. Osprey

    On campus AFROTC scholarships

    After reading the material online I have a pretty good handle on the national Air Force ROTC scholarship process, but haven’t found much information about on campus Air Force ROTC scholarships. How are these selections made and how difficult are they to come by? All else being equal (gpa...
  15. L

    Citadel Scholarship

    I recently went to the Citadel for an Pre-knob overnight visit. It was the scholars event where they invited us and we had to write a scholarship essay. Does anyone know when I'll hear if i was awarded a scholarship?
  16. H

    Hazing (or lack thereof) at SMC’s...?

    DS was awarded an Immediate Scholarship Reservation (ISR) NROTC Scholarship. He hasn’t been placed yet, but listed on his application and has been accepted to VMI, Citadel, and Norwich. He got a bit spooked very recently, though, reading some stories about hazing problems at some of the SMCs...
  17. MissO

    Ask a Knob

    One thing I vividly remember from my senior year of high school was seeking out any and all information about The Citadel that I could find... and what I found is that talking to current knobs was a good source of information. Therefore, I am opening this thread up for anyone with questions...
  18. B

    Prep School

    While I did not get into USAFA, I was offered a Falcon Foundation scholarship to attend a civilian prep school to bolster my academics. However, I do not know the success rate of those who went through this program. I currently have ROTC scholarships to multiple schools, including my first...
  19. 1842

    Citadel Class of 2021 Admission Stats

    Citadel Class of 2021 Admission Stats as of Nov 2016 Average SAT - 1164 Average GPA - 3.74
  20. G

    Hazing severity

    i am curious of what SMC has the most/worst hazing , i am lead believe the citadel is the most brutal , however any stories or sources would be much appreciated