1. E

    Varsity Letter

    Let me explain my situation: I am a rising senior and will be involved in track next year. Since track season is AFTER the West Point application deadline, I will not be able to include the varsity letter I get next year in this year’s application. Is it even worth doing track if I can’t put it...
  2. S

    Acceptance date deadline for those with offer of appointment.

    What is the date that you have to notify the USNA if they offered an appointment?
  3. S

    Nominations not in time

    My son got a call from Congress man asking why he hasn’t applied for academy? But we didn’t know he got nominated. He tried calling and emailed to follow up after interview but we never got any response back until today and Air Force Academy application deadline was Jan 6th and she mentioned he...
  4. S

    Marine Option NROTC Early Board Deadline

    I am a rising senior and I am beginning my application for the Marine Option NROTC Scholarship. I am having trouble finding anywhere online the deadline for my application to reviewed on the early board. Does anyone know the application deadline for the early board or where I could find this...
  5. D

    Awarded ISR, but portal still says I'm missing several items - what to do...?

    DS was awarded an ISR from the NRD (NTAG) CO, but as of today, his application status suggests that the NROTC coordinator has still not submitted required items (evals, transcripts, SOU, drug statement, etc.) and time is obviously running out. Unsure of our best next steps here given he was...
  6. T

    NROTC Application Servers Down!

    The NROTC Application Portal itself appears to be down, meaning I can't even get to the web page to log onto the application itself. Connecting to it has been difficult for a week or so but it actually went down tonight. I emailed the nrotc tech help address, filled in the "contact us" box on...
  7. BonoDex

    Applying to Academy after missing deadline...

    Hello everyone, I am in an interesting situation in which I am unsure of the results of the decisions that need to be made. Let me start by explaining the situation in a simple manner: In my 10th grade HS year, I decided I wanted to apply for the Naval Academy. I was perfectly eligible, and I...
  8. Gonavyusna

    Application "Complete Pending Review" but waiting on medical exam

    I am a current candidate for the class of 2021. I did my medical exams only earlier this month (I am fully qualified) and it does not time look like they will be processed by the Naval Academy by the deadline. However, since everything else in my application has been complete, on my application...
  9. Dsmcse

    CFA deadline ???

    Good Evening. Does anyone know the deadline for completing the CFA ? I believe it's 11/11/2016 but I'm not sure.