1. J

    Depression & Dropping

    Hello all, I was hoping someone could give me any insight to what's going on. I am a MIDN 1/C that was recently diagnosed (Dec 2020) with Major Depression with Suicidal Ideations after being admitted to the ER. My command has been informed of this and were in fact the ones who advised me that I...
  2. J

    I dont know if ROTC is for me

    I’m a senior in college and contracted as an Ms3 in army rotc. I was able to get a two year scholarship because even though I am senior I had about two years of courses left. This was because it took me a while to decide on my major which is finance. I feel like ROTC isn’t for me because it...
  3. truenorth

    Worried about our DS. Is it OK to speak with his NROTC Unit?

    Hi everyone. I am looking for advice on how to address a concern we have for our 3/C DS. He is on a national scholarship and entering his second year of college, majoring in engineering. To be specific, I am wondering if it is OK for me to have a private call with his unit commander and ask...
  4. T

    Saw a nurse practicioner for depression/anxiety but never took meds; Can I still get into AFROTC?

    Backstory: I was gaslighted by my abusive ex and told my nurse practicioner I was depressed and anxious when I wasnt. In case you dont know what gaslighting is here's the definition: gaslighting manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. The NP (nurse...
  5. A

    Situational Depression Anxiety DQ

    Hey, everyone. I have finally resorted to posting on the forums; no just lurking here. I am a freshman at the University of Wyoming in the AFROTC program. I was on a type 2 scholarship up until my Detachment commander discovered that I was medically disqualified for depression, anxiety...
  6. R

    Life after Medical separation

    I was medically separated from USNA for depression in January. Since then, I have started school at a new university and have good grades and everything, began antidepressants and counseling, but I am completely haunted by my failure. I have found myself isolated and unable to move on and I...