Life after Medical separation


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Apr 1, 2016
I was medically separated from USNA for depression in January. Since then, I have started school at a new university and have good grades and everything, began antidepressants and counseling, but I am completely haunted by my failure. I have found myself isolated and unable to move on and I desperately need someone to reach out to about this. If anyone can help me, please let me know.
Radar -- Separation for any medical reason is not a "failure". Life is full of ups and downs, and we all suffer setbacks-- its how you respond that defines your character. Hold your head high and look forward, not back at what might have been. Surround yourself with support, including your Classmates. (Yes, present tense --you are an Alumni, and will always be a part of your Class. I am in contact on Social Media with several Classmates who were separated early, and many attend our reunions).
Agree with everything here... you didn’t fail. None of us who went to USNA would say a Medical Sep is a failure, regardless for what it’s for. You have a great skill set, smart, and driven. Find your new passion. There are many ways to serve this great nation. Channel all those things that got you to USNA and had you succeed there into your new life. That new path will become clear and you will tackle it with a tenacity few have. Time will help. In the meantime stay busy, talk to others, don’t isolate yourself at your new school, get involved. Best of luck.
RadarUSNA21 - hang in there.

Check out some Inky Johnson - he was medically separated from his dream as well. There is a bigger plan for your life young man.

When we fail to achieve our lifelong dreams, we must ask,
“Am I really failing, or is God prevailing?”
Check out your university's counselling department to see if they offer free counselling sessions. Also, know that clinical depression can be a lethal medical illness and the fact that you are still alive and moving towards better health, looking for solutions, shows great resilience and determination. To me that is success.

Also, I work in a hospital and one of the free resource sites we use here for depression is this one: . Especially the Anti-Depressant Skills Workbook on the site - there is a section on thoughts and how we interpret life events that can be useful.
Please continue sharing your thoughts with your counselor/Dr. Also it may take some time to settle on the right meds & dosages for you. My thoughts & prayers are with you.
Oh RadarUSNA21, please do not consider yourself a failure in any way. Take advantage of any counseling services available, if one does not seem like a good fit, there are others, keep plugging away. Exercise and eat well, to help your body and your mind. Life takes many turns, embrace the possibilities of a new path in life with pride in your past and faith in your future. Take care and stay in touch with this group if it helps to lift you up. I will keep you in my prayers.