dodmerb exam

  1. M

    Same provider, different address?

    Hello all, I have my DoDMERB exam coming up soon and they gave me a provider and a phone number to call I called them and they scheduled me at one of their other locations (same provider though) this location wasn't the address that DoDMERB gave me, but the same provider. Is it ok to still go...
  2. H

    Medical DQ

    I received a medical DQ for the following codes after submitting my information on my sinus surgery. The surgery removed the nasal polyps and I don't have chronic sinusitis anymore. It says under waiver review. I was just wondering what the likelihood of getting a waiver is. D124.00...
  3. 17racer

    Disqualification for Medication

    I am currently applying for the USNA. I filled out my DoDMERB yesterday and I am pretty worried that I am going to get disqualified for a medication I take. I take Sertraline which is typically an antidepressant, but I am prescribed it for an off-label use. I was diagnosed 6 years ago under...
  4. cheez-it

    DODMETS Exam Results Status

    Hello! Quick question on my physical and optical exam results and DODMETS: When can I expect my completed physical and optical exam results to be updated onto the DODMETS "view status" page after the provider submits them? I completed my physical exam and optical exam on October 8 and...
  5. R

    DoDMERB exam and Hypothyroidism

    Hello, I have congenital hypothyroidism which has been stable with medication for years. Recently, my TSH level it has been lower than the normal range but the endo does not see it as a point of concern. Will this be an issue when I do my DoDMERB exam? And in general, is there anything else I...
  6. M


    Hi, I have submitted my CGA application in January, however, I still have not heard back from DoDMERB about my medical. I checked my DoDMERB website, it has both my USAFA and USMMA application, both qualified. I know the deadline for DoDMERB for the CGA is April 15th but is this something I...
  7. B

    High ALT on blood test

    Hey all! I recently turned in a blood test that had slightly elevated levels of ALT. Everywhere I research, I cannot find any mention of ALT in military regulations so I was wondering if anyone also had high ALT or other liver enzymes, and if so, what was your experience? Thank you
  8. W

    Still not contacted for DoDMERB

    I was told that I would be contacted to for the DoDMERB. I'm told that I qualified, but it's been months and no contact. I've tried to reach out by email and phone, no response. Any advice?
  9. W

    Unable to complete/submit application

    All checks are green, but one- but unable to submit SAT/ACT scores and unable to reach anyone via email of phone to resolve. Everything else done, but still no DODMERB. Concerned with deadline in days.
  10. C

    DoDMERB Exam Scheduling Process

    I just finished the required number of forms (3/5) on my USAFA application to be eligible for a DoDMERB Exam. Can someone please tell me how long they will take to reach out and then schedule an exam for me? In fact, can someone please provide a brief explanation of the medical process because...