dodmerb exam

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    Hi, I have submitted my CGA application in January, however, I still have not heard back from DoDMERB about my medical. I checked my DoDMERB website, it has both my USAFA and USMMA application, both qualified. I know the deadline for DoDMERB for the CGA is April 15th but is this something I...
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    High ALT on blood test

    Hey all! I recently turned in a blood test that had slightly elevated levels of ALT. Everywhere I research, I cannot find any mention of ALT in military regulations so I was wondering if anyone also had high ALT or other liver enzymes, and if so, what was your experience? Thank you
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    Still not contacted for DoDMERB

    I was told that I would be contacted to for the DoDMERB. I'm told that I qualified, but it's been months and no contact. I've tried to reach out by email and phone, no response. Any advice?
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    Unable to complete/submit application

    All checks are green, but one- but unable to submit SAT/ACT scores and unable to reach anyone via email of phone to resolve. Everything else done, but still no DODMERB. Concerned with deadline in days.
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    DoDMERB Exam Scheduling Process

    I just finished the required number of forms (3/5) on my USAFA application to be eligible for a DoDMERB Exam. Can someone please tell me how long they will take to reach out and then schedule an exam for me? In fact, can someone please provide a brief explanation of the medical process because...