1. ChickenNuggets

    CAP vs JROTC and Service Academy Academics

    I spoke on the phone with a CAP Squadron Recruiting Officer (something along those lines) who also works on the nomination board for my district. He said he would encourage me to join CAP since their academics are more geared toward service academies compared to JROTC. Is that true? What do you...
  2. ChickenNuggets

    JROTC Varsity Letters?

    I recently wanted to join Army JROTC at a near by school. I also have planned on doing Varsity cross country or track at that same school. I visited another high school about 2 weeks ago and they said that the JROTC special teams such as Raider, Drill, and Air Rifle are considered varsity...
  3. ChickenNuggets

    Advice on Extracurriculars/Sports

    Im a hybrid homeschool high school sophomore and I have a list of extracurriculars/sports that I am doing and plan on doing. I would like some advice on whether or not they are good options or if I am missing out on some better Extracurriculars. At my school, I’m currently doing “Servant...
  4. Giantatom

    Advice For High School?

    I'm a Junior in high school right now, and I'll be starting my pre-candidate questionnaire when it opens in March. I'm looking for advice on anything I can do in my last year and a half of high school. Currently, I have a pretty good GPA at 3.95 unweighted/4.86 weighted with the most rigorous...
  5. F

    Question About Leadership

    Hello there! I was looking through the USNA’a class profile, and I have a very important question. I saw that 66% of candidates are student body leaders. My school had the options of either having eighth period as a student body leader or as a JROTC leader. I chose to spend my eighth period...
  6. F

    ROTC Form 5-497 Outdated SAT scoring system

    I recently sent my JROTC SAI a Form 5-497, I filled out all my information but when it asked for my SAT scores, it was written down in the format used before 2016. It asks for my Critical Reading Score, My Writing Score, And my Math Score. I initially assumed this meant the "Test Scores" which...
  7. G0navybeat@rmy

    JROTC Nom

    My JROTC instructor offered to give me a nomination, but I can't seem to find a portal to send to him to fill out. He has done it in the past for USAFA and he said that he received an online portal that he had to fill out, but I haven't found any such port for USNA. Any help is great, thank you.
  8. U

    Creating JROTC in my HS

    Howdy y’all My school has no JROTC. I want to change this and create one for my school even though I am going to be a senior. Any advice or tips at all for me? Who should I contact to discuss with? What would be the requirements? I am planning on talking with my grade’s counselor and a veteran...
  9. GA5Fighter

    JROTC Instructor nomination for USMA

    I was told by an instructor at my school that if you are in a JROTC honor unit with distinction, then that instructor is able to nominate you into an academy. Although I am not in JROTC right now, If I were to join next semester could my Instructor nominate me for USMA?
  10. T

    How to Prepare for AROTC?

    Hi guys! I'm a female, non scholarship cadet, entering into my freshman year at Rhodes College. I am working on the APFT with my JROTC Army Instructor (AI), so I am making sure my pushups and situps are up to standard with him. For my first APFT I am shooting for anywhere in the 220 range (if...
  11. C

    JROTC Cadet Receives Posthumous USMA Appointment

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/20/army-awards-heroism-medals-to-jrotc-cadets-killed-in-florida-school-shooting.html I saw that someone posted a similar thread under Academy/Military News, so I thought I'd post this news article here.
  12. R

    Varsity Letters through JROTC and Scholarship Chances

    I have received a varsity letter through jrotc drill and rifle team. Will they count as sports or as extracurricular activities? With that being said do I have any chance towards getting an AROTC or NROTC scholarship? Currently a high school junior Aspiring Major: Aeronautical Engineering GPA...
  13. M

    I've seen people getting LOAs so far...but has anyone been appointed yet?

    I've seen quite a few people on here say that their application is 100% complete with a nomination already. I'm in that boat as well - Presidential nomination, medically qualified, BGO interview done, qualified on the CFA, completed the rest of my application as well, etc. - and have been...
  14. 9

    Coast Guard Auxiliary?

    Hi, im a 16 year old junior and will be turning 17 soon. To join the Coast Guard Auxiliary one must be 17 years old. Would joining the CG auxiliary, for the 7 months i'm eligible before I apply to the coast guard class of 2021, help my chances significantly or at all?