1. NeptunePride

    Are majors related to assignments?

    Hello, I would like to know if majors are related to the service assignment. For example, if I study aeronautical engineering, I would have more chances of becoming a pilot? I know that before graduating you have to make a list of the first choice and other alternatives. So if my first choice...
  2. L

    AFROTC Major when up for boards

    When applying for an AFROTC Scholarship, I noticed how if your major was not a tech major, you would put “0GYY” or “General Studies” while all the tech majors had indentifiers making your major obvious. My question is if this still applies when going for the FT board or the rated board once...
  3. FØB Zero

    Engineering Difficulty

    i’m considering doing engineering (major) at a SA. At USAFA, their engineering majors are the hardest, most time-consuming ones there. Are the engineering majors at USMA exceptionally difficult too (relative to other majors)? which majors in general are the most difficult and is the rigor...
  4. Senor_

    Space Operations Major?

    Having a look at the USAFA Website and taking a look at their offered Majors, "Space Operations" can easily be seen as a grayed out option. Any information on this?? Consulting speculators, insiders, and cadets currently attending the Academy. Available here -> Majors @ USAFA
  5. ThePilot18

    Civilian Internships While in AFROTC?

    Hi, As many of you know, lots of engineering majors require you to complete a civilian internship as part of the course. My question is, can I do both AFROTC (possibly on scholarship) and an internship in my junior year of college? (For example, a degree in Manufacturing Engineering requires a...
  6. C

    Choosing a major.

    So I’ve no idea if I’ll get into KP this year. Or the next. That being said, I’ve no doubt I’ll get in eventually with enough work and perseverance on my part. (My stats are competitive, I’ve just got to work on fitness) Regardless, I’m sure I want to attend. The thing is, if/once I get in...
  7. rjgetler

    UPDATE: My Reapplication to USNA

    Hello again, everyone. About two months ago, I posted My Reapplication to USNA to ask the Service Academy Forms community for their advice and opinions on reapplying should I be denied admission after being WAITLISTED. I have some new ideas and plans, but I also now have some very serious...
  8. afrotc2022

    Potential Switch From Tech to Non-Tech on AFROTC Scholarship

    Hi Y'all, First off, sorry if this thread is kind of redundant; I know there's a lot of similar ones. I'm a second-semester Freshman in AFROTC, on scholarship, doing Computer Science (BS) as my major. Although I'm not good at math/science, I listed Comp. Sci. on my major preferences when I...
  9. Paul111

    I Need Help with My Decision: USNA or Civilian College

    Hi all, I have to make my college decision by tomorrow at midnight. I'm between USNA and an elite business program at the University of Cincinnati (where I live). I've called, emailed, and spoken with dozens of different people (current students, grads, respected adults, friends) trying to make...
  10. C

    Is it impossible to switch from tech major to nontech (before you accept)?

    Hi, I believe I have a very good chance of getting a type 2 AFROTC scholarship, maybe even a type 1. My application is going to the board this Monday. My listed majors are Computer Science and Chemistry. Since my friend is an East Asia Studies major with a Chinese scholarship (she just takes...
  11. C

    Urgent AFROTC Majors Question

    Hi, So my AFROTC scholarship application will be going to the board held this Monday, which means tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day I can edit the listed majors on my application. I've looked and looked, but couldn't find a clear answer to this: when offered a tech scholarship, can you...
  12. 8

    AROTC National 4YR Scholarship Questions

    I just realized that I don’t fully comprehend what my Army ROTC 4yr national scholarship entails. I'm current freshman and a contracted MS1 cadet at "x" university, but I am strongly considering transferring to "y" university for multiple reasons. 1) Am I locked into a mechanical...
  13. L

    NROTC Aerospace Engineering Major and Path

    Hi everyone, I'm a high schooler planning on going into NRTOC, and I'm looking for some guidance regarding aerospace engineering in the Navy. I'd like to go into aviation after college, preferably as a pilot, or as an Aerospace engineer. The obvious thing to do would be to get a bachelor's...
  14. O

    Biology at USNA

    Hello I am new to this forum and I was wondering if you can get a major in biology at USNA? I shuffled through the list of majors and it said there wasn't one, it might be a ridiculous question but do they not have biology as a major? Thanks!
  15. M

    NROTC major question

    DD was awarded NROTC scholarship and the unit was transferred to a great engineering school, however my concern is that perhaps she should consider changing her major (she has to do so before entering the university and get approval from the school) to a 'lesser' science [my perception of...

    Medical Field Options for AFROTC Cadet Majoring in Human Bio

    Hello, I am currently a student majoring in Human Biology at UC Santa Cruz and a first-year AFROTC cadet at San Jose State University. I want to pursue a career in the medical field, however, when looking over the medical jobs that the AF provides are all mainly professional and require the...
  17. F

    AFROTC Scholarship Major Question

    My ultimate goal is to become a pilot in the Air Force. Though I also want to have the greatest chance possible to get an ROTC scholarship. Is it true that if I pursue, let's say, aeronautical engineering that I will most likely become an engineer in the Air Force? Will the major I choose affect...
  18. D

    Changing Majors in AROTC

    I am currently a senior in High School and was offered a 4 yr AROTC scholarship after the first board. On my AROTC application, I listed my intended major as Biology, although I am becoming unsure that that's what I want to major in and I'm hoping to switch it to something else, probably...
  19. A

    Major Change Approval- AROTC

    I am an MSII cadet in AROTC. I have a "headquarters funded" 3AD scholarship. I am supposed to contract this semester (should have already, my school was delayed in getting things done for various reasons), and was going to contract last week. However, I had switched my major. According to my...
  20. M

    AFROTC Major Change

    Hello Everyone, I will be a freshman this fall on a 4 year type 7 technical major scholarship in AFROTC. When I first applied for the scholarship I applied as a meteorology major. I thought meteorology would be interesting but after much thought my mind has changed (as it does for many my age)...