Is it impossible to switch from tech major to nontech (before you accept)?


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Mar 1, 2018

I believe I have a very good chance of getting a type 2 AFROTC scholarship, maybe even a type 1. My application is going to the board this Monday.

My listed majors are Computer Science and Chemistry. Since my friend is an East Asia Studies major with a Chinese scholarship (she just takes enough Chinese credits for it to count), I was under the impression that taking Biochemistry&Biophysics would work for a Chemistry scholarship (since I would be taking the same courses as a regular Chemistry major). Little did I know that language scholarships work very differently than tech scholarships...although I should have guessed. I just thought there was some leeway when a school's name for a major doesn't exactly match the name of the approved AFROTC major.

Yesterday was the last day to change one's listed majors before his or her application meets the board. I really would like to be a Biochemistry&Biophysics major, even though it's considered non tech. I absolutely do not expect a type 1 scholarship as a non tech major in any way, before someone brings it up. But I still want to be in AFROTC, and I still would like a four year scholarship of any kind.

If I am offered a type 2 scholarship for Chemistry, and I request to change it to Biochemistry, will all my scholarship benefits likely be revoked? Or will my scholarship benefits just reduce (i.e. go from type 2 to type 7)? Also, should I request to change it now before the board, after I am offered the scholarship, or after I accept the scholarship?
On the above forum, the student wanted to switch to Geology. However, my switch is not as major. Would this make any difference? I was considering AROTC (since they pay full and they don't mind what major you have), but my heart lies with the Air Force, unfortunately.

Thank you so much!
All I can tell you is the AFRotc isnt big on giving scholarships to non Stem majors. Not impossible but not that common. I personaly dont see how Biochemistry and Biophysics arent STEM, but then again I dont make the rules:)
If you've been offered a scholarship call the unit at the college you wish to attend. They can confirm where Biochemistry and Biophysics fall. They may be Tech but one cannot tell from the AFROTC major Tech/Non-tech chart.