AROTC National 4YR Scholarship Questions


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I just realized that I don’t fully comprehend what my Army ROTC 4yr national scholarship entails. I'm current freshman and a contracted MS1 cadet at "x" university, but I am strongly considering transferring to "y" university for multiple reasons.

1) Am I locked into a mechanical engineering major? If I were to decide to change later on, what are the implications for doing so? How, if at all, would this affect my OML score?

2) How long does it take and how difficult is the process to transfer a scholarship to another university (if it is even possible)? I know that this is handled through Cadet Command and PMS approval is required, but I am a little confused on how this all would go down.


I don't think you are locked into a mechanical engineering major, but I do think you are locked into an Engineering major


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Depending on what school you are currently attending and what school you want to transfer to will affect whether or not you retain your scholarship. If the schools are within the same ROTC battalion, then you are good to go. If not, you may lose the current scholarship, and the new school would have to request a new scholarship or a transfer of the current one. If both schools are in the same ROTC Brigade, then it is more likely. If both schools are in different Brigades then it would be hard for you to get the scholarship transferred to the new school, as the scholarship money belongs to the Brigades, and if you transfer out, the money will not transfer out with you.

As far as changing your major, the PMS can approve the first change, Cadet Command would have to approve any additional changes. Change of majors are more likely to be approved if you are still going to graduate on time. If your current scholarship isn't a STEM scholarship, then you can transfer out of Engineering. I don't think it is as we haven't received STEM scholarships in a few years.